Your logo creates your business image

Design Point is a boutique logo design and branding agency based in Melbourne. A strong brand is the identifying element of your business or product that creates immediate recognition by the viewer leaving a memorable impression.

The most important component of your business or product is your logo and visual identity. It’s important to know your target audience, business purpose and objectives so that we can design a powerful logo and brand identity that will set it apart from the rest of the competitors.

A logo is how you are recognised as a business or product. It is your most powerful marketing tool and with careful marketing it can become the main reason for driving business exposure or sales. For a professional branding package contact us to receive a free quote or view our portfolio page.

Visual Branding Identity

When defining and creating a brand for your business or product, it’s important to understand what your business represents and how you wish to be perceived as in the industry market.

Your brand is a visual first impression

A strong and unique brand is essential. It is a vital representation of your business and your most valuable asset. When used correctly, it is the simplest way to communicate to your audience what your brand represents and to gain trust in your company’s area of expertise.

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