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Nowadays, the first step into your sales funnel is reflected by what words are presented.

We take content marketing to the next level by harnessing the user’s attention and technical expertise of SEO writing to sell your products or services. Every paragraph is crafted to push your casual browsers down the funnel and into customers.

Every piece of content is written to persuade your target audience to take action. We engage by sharing insights your target audience will find relevant and useful. Using appropriate SEO techniques at relevant sections of the copy, we bring them further down the sales funnel.

How do we have customers browsing for more? Our digital marketing knowledge of carefully structured copy will grab every opportunity to speak to your customers.

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Web Content Writing for your target audience

One of the pillars of effective content marketing is keywords. However, overusing them risks creating incoherent and incomprehensible content. Rather than drawing your target audience closer to your brand, it pushes them away.

At Design Point, we strike a balance between the use of keywords, structure of the content, useful and relevant information as well as length. Your target audience must find it easy to read and understand, apply and share.

Keeping your target audience engaged is uppermost on our team’s mind. Choice of headlines, images or videos as well as layout is given strategic consideration and not after-thoughts.

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SEO Writing to build Authority & Credibility

Effective content will position your brand as the leading voice in your category. Every content is designed to build your brand’s authority and credibility. Doing this consistently will strengthen your brand’s position in the minds of your target audience, making it more salient, memorable and easily retrieved at every stage of the buyers journey.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on creating copy to stimulate interest or promote a product or service. A strategic marketing approach that incorporates SEO fundamentals to assist a web page to rank higher in search results.

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