3 Ways To Rank Your Website Higher In 2018

As the New Year approaches, there is a lot of talking going on regarding the future of the digital world. And just like every new year, new trends in content marketing and digital marketing are surfacing. But what is really going to matter in 2018 – and what should marketers focus on when it comes to content marketing?Below, we are listing the most significant content marketing trends for 2018.

1. Content is always the king – in a ‘smarter’ way

For all those with the aim of ranking higher, fresh and relevant content needs to be on point. There is plenty of data that supports the idea that content marketing actually works – and that its consecutive growth is 7.8 times higher for content marketing leaders compared to the followers. According to another study by eMarketer, 60% of marketers are creating at least one piece of content each day, leading the digital world to a new revolution.The rise of AI and big data has let many marketers embrace the new ‘smart’ content which basically refers to getting to know more about the user, their needs and habits. This way, the content is more relevant and the customer experience is greater.The real question here is – can Artificial Intelligence make your content smarter?

2. Topical SEO is something to focus on

‘Goodbye keyword optimization’ is what everyone should say in 2018. There is a new trend coming – and it’s name is topical SEO. In an era where Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, topical SEO brings news to the entire game. Basically, topical SEO is all about placing value on your website as a subject matter expert.This means that instead of trying to put as many keywords inside your content, you should focus on the subject matter. It is all about data and research about different topics and sub-topics – as well as optimizing them for ‘fast answers’ that will be instantly shown on Google.

3. Make your brand stand out with personalized stories

Brand stories are eternal – and telling yours is what can give you credibility, authority and a lot of things needed to capture your customer’s attention. Nowadays, there are many unique businesses, but there aren’t many businesses with a story. From case studies to infographics and even videos with experts, every brand needs to tell a story across a variety of content.In the end, the power of content is on the rise as we speak – and 2018 will be another milestone year where content will take a turn and improve itself. It is up to you website owners to embrace this new improvement and take advantage of it.