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The Most Common Mistakes On Websites

Is your business running a little slow lately?


Is there a reduction in incoming traffic of potential customers?


If any of the above is the case then revamping your website would not be such a bad idea after all because a website design can dramatically impact on the effectiveness of your online sales.


And while you are doing that let’s start with some of the common mistakes you would probably want to avoid.


1. Do not complicate. Keep it simple.


First and the foremost is to keep your website design very very simple. There is absolutely no need of complicating things by being excessively creative, chances are it might go south. Some points to note when reviewing your website:


• Always use a readable and clear font style


• Use easy and understandable language – this is a must!


• Keep descriptive text short and precise


• Avoid cluttered web pages and go for more white spacing to break up the content


• Use minimal images and graphics


• Avoid using confusing and inconsistent interfaces


• Use a well structured content layout


• Choose an inviting colour scheme


2. Limited accessibility…decreased sales


It’s as simple as that. Invest in your website today in order to make it:


• Accessible on all operating system and website browsers


• Responsive on all mobile and tablet devices


• Website speed to be responsive without any major delays (Check out Google PageSpeed Insights to analyse your website speed)


It will make all the difference by directing the online traffic to your website whilst making you shine on the customers radar.


3. Poor navigation


Navigation through your website should always be intuitive and easy. Its advisable to stick to the standard techniques and make sure that all the links are logical, prominent , obvious and recognisable at the first glance. A visitor should be able to find his way around without any difficulty because a confused customers can never be potential buyers.


4. No blog or dead blogs.

It’s extremely essential to keep up to date with an interactive and updated blog containing all the important details. It’s your best marketing option because people use it to judge your professionalism and credibility.


In addition to that :


• Remove all dead links because they look highly unprofessional


• Avoid pop up windows – they are very irritating


• And always closely monitor your website. It helps you to know what exactly the customers demand so that you can tailor your services to suit their ultimate needs.


So there you have it, some easy mistakes that can easily be avoided and fixed. The websites that don’t have any of these features will of course be ahead of the pack!


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