Web Design Trends in 2019

Let’s take a look at the top web design trends, that are influencing businesses and designers in 2019. Understanding the latest trends can help you learn about new technologies and consumer needs.

If your website needs a revamp, or you are planning a brand new website, consider these ideas:

Unique illustrations

A well-crafted illustration can communicate a powerful message. Visual elements are essential in website design, and few have greater impact than custom illustrations. Brands are increasingly seeking partnerships with illustrators, to communicate their messages through drawing and visual arts.

Illustrations can make a website more attractive, and create the magic that many websites lack. A quality illustration will evoke emotion, express difficult concepts, and define a brand’s unique visual identity. If you are searching for the latest UX trends in web design, illustration could be the answer.

Creative video content

Video content is already well-known as a trend, but digital content creators  are becoming more innovative. New ways to incorporate video and animation within a website are being explored.

Like all great content, videos need to meet the needs of those watching them. They should support your brand, answer questions, and entice potential customers into making a purchase. How can your business use video content in creative ways?



One of the latest trends in digital marketing is chat bots. They are a solution to reduce your customer service costs, and help website users find answers they need in real-time. Chatbots can direct website visitors to specific pages or sections of your website. They can also provide answers within the chat box itself.

Services like IBM Watson can help you build a chatbot yourself, that is either connected to your website or social media messenger. However, most businesses will bypass the learning curve of building a successful chatbot, and hire an experienced developer.

Advanced usability

The concept of usability has been around for a while now, and all designers and developers understand the importance of a user-friendly and accessible website. The latest usability trend goes beyond the basics, and looks at the finest details. Make your usability perfect.

The Australian Web Awards have published advice on what it takes to win a web design award. Ask yourself this question – ‘Is my website usable and accessible to the widest audience possible while still offering a positive user experience?’

Your website needs to be well presented, but ultimately it needs to function. The content should be engaging and help website visitors, and there should be no obstacles in their path. They should easily and quickly find what they need.

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