Top Digital Marketing Trends We Expect in 2019

Each year, new digital marketing trends emerge in the digital space. They change how we use technology, and what we do with it. Tech and society are interconnected, and observing new trends helps us learn about people and culture.

Is your business embracing new technologies and change? Are you aware of the latest digital trends for small business? Are you improving your capabilities and staying ahead of your competition? While these may be challenging questions, the answers could increase your profits and improve the efficiency of your processes.

Businesses and digital marketing professionals should stay on top of industry practices, and this article covers the top digital trends for 2019.

Evolving Digital Marketing Trends

New trends don’t always mean new concepts. Ashley Friedlein predicts there will be ‘no new marketing disciplines’. There will be no new changes to how companies structure their marketing teams, no new division names, and no new job titles. Careers exist today that were not present twenty years ago – they couldn’t even be imagined back then.

Areas of digital marketing like artificial intelligence (AI), have been introduced to us already but still need time to develop. Marketers are still learning about AI, and the possibilities will continue to unfold over the next twelve months. AI will be used in unexpected ways, and businesses will find unique and meaningful ways to use it for themselves.

Inclusive Website Design Accessibility

Inclusive design allows for products and systems to be accessed by a diverse cross-section of people. Digital marketers want to maximise their potential audience, and are recognising the importance of accessibility and inclusive design. This trend allows them to reach more people, and specific groups of people.

Inclusive website design can meet the needs of people with disabilities, but also people from different cultures and social backgrounds. Designing for mobile first is a common web design practice, and is an example of inclusivity. Not everyone has a desktop or laptop computer.

Inclusive digital design will become more mainstream in 2019. The Internet brings people closer together, regardless of their experience, demographics, and geographic location. User experience design that respects and attracts diversity will become the norm.

Interconnected technologies

Daniel Newman writes about his predictions for digital in 2019. He says, ‘last year, my first four trends were basically around IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Edge. This year, the four become one because they are so deeply interconnected.’

Interconnected technologies exist when they work together, not in isolation. This is a sign of a technology advancing and becoming commonplace. An early example of this is smart watches. We had the technology to create compact digital watches, and we also had Internet technologies. Merging these together created smart watches, a gateway for other loT devices.

Newman explains that 2019 will see the integration of digital trends we are already familiar with. When a concept starts trending, people show interest. But the long-term use of that technology is not always known. It takes time for society to understand a new trend, including the most meaningful ways to utilise it.

Digital marketing trends in Australia

New trends in digital marketing are different from country to country. Sometimes, Australia adopts trends after areas with larger populations. Niche industries notice trends specific to them, like real estate. Greg McCutcheon says the real estate industry only realised the importance of digital marketing last year.

This year will see real estate agents maximising the power of social media, especially Facebook. Google advertising campaigns will be on the increase, but targeting specific audiences will become more important. Email marketing, which other industries have used for many years, is starting to emerge in real estate.

Social Media Trends for Small Business

Small businesses are increasingly using social media to attract new customers. The primary reason for this is the low learning curve for business owners who are not tech savvy. Platforms like Facebook are easier to use than WordPress, and are free if you don’t advertise. This is an easy solution, but not necessarily the most effective.

Many small businesses are relying on social media to provide all of their marketing efforts, however this does not help them stand out from competitors. Creating a quality business website is an effective way of reaching customers and improving your brand.

Discover Digital Marketing for your Business

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