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Are your online sales dropping? Stand out from your competitors and jump in front of customers looking for your products or services with our eCommerce SEO that will boost your leads, sales and increase profit.

Whether your website is built in Shopify, WordPress, Magento or Big Commerce, we specialise in all Ecommerce platforms.

Having the right strategy that meets customer demands will attract the right traffic to your online store and convert ready to buy customers.

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Ecommerce SEO Process For Clicks That Count

Our intelligent eCommerce SEO agency in Melbourne have been scaling online store brands Australia wide of all different types and sizes. There’s no better way to boost your brand’s website traffic than implementing SEO services on your site. Having clicks to your landing page is a good thing, but having the right SEO strategy in place should be all about converting them into transactional revenue.

Step 1: Research

Before we start optimising your online store for success, we combine keyword research and competitor analysis to craft our target audience. Once we have prepared our scope to target our users, we look at the best keyword strategy to see who is searching for your products.

Understanding our audience and seeing what competitors are doing, our job is to better it to help drive the best results.

Step 2: Identify The Roadblocks

Being a digital agency, we lean over to our web team to identify any on-site technical errors from your website. This is what we call the audit stage, where we pick out any site errors, analyse the website speed and functionality as a whole. We scan for any pressing issues and put an action plan together to fix the issues.

By tweaking some of these areas you’ll notice your eCommerce SEO will not only perform better but it will enhance the user’s experience.

Step 3: Optimisation

This is the stage when we start to rank your online store with proven eCommerce SEO strategies. Unfortunately, it’s not all about stuffing content with high quality keywords, those days are behind us! Today, there’s a lot more to it and combining both the on-off page work will have you heading to the top and in front of more eyes, your customers.

We have a team of Melbourne’s best SEO experts that will have your store stand out in front of your fierce competitors.

Why work with us?

Unlock your full potential of your online ecommerce store with our seo services. From affordable packages to transparent reporting, our team is dedicated to leveling up your ecommerce brand that will smash your revenue goals.

Affordable SEO services

As a eCommerce SEO company, we work with brands to scale them. Whether you’re a national or international brand, or a start up looking to break into the scene, we’ve got you covered. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, our team of specialists will work with you to set out a plan that will hit your goals and achieve a high ROI. Our goal as a eCommerce SEO agency is to relieve you of any sales generation so that you can focus more on running the rest of your business.

Drive growth with a premium digital team

Having a team sit among a wider web agency is one of our greatest assets. If you’ve talked to anyone who has built a website, you’ll know that no matter how attractive your website is, there needs to be a skilful marketer who will make a site rank for Google to love. Not with us! We have all skilled developers and digital strategists under the one roof, making it easier for you to not only have a site that will rank but also have a web team to lean on whenever you need additional adjustments made to your website.

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SEO Strategies That Skyrocket Online Sales

The art of eCommerce SEO needs to be tailored. When it comes to targeting the right keywords and having 20 products or thousands of products, it can be challenging not to get lost. You have to work your way around search engines to make sure they’re crawling the right pages without hurting your rankings through duplicate content pages, incorrect heading structures, broken links and more.

Our evidence-based campaigns cover all the right strategies in we put in place. We make sure your online store SEO is targeted for the right audience and all the things we put in place search engines will love. We concentrate on keywords that will more likely result in conversions, not attract the occasional wanderer.

SEO Services To Increase Online Visibility

Our in-house SEO specialists are here to deliver custom SEO services to meet your goals and business needs. So, if you’re needing to attract local presence or find more customers for your online store, our services focus on your main objectives.

Capture Traffic That Count Into Paying Customers

One of the best online marketing tools to boost your brand’s presence and driving traffic is none other than SEO. However, getting clicks to your website are one thing, but when it comes to converting eCommerce customers, it comes down to converting those clicks into transactional orders.

Our detailed eCommerce SEO campaigns are built for precise targeting and connecting with customers who are searching for your product or service. We’ve been helping small to medium sized businesses beat high global brands in the world of search engine marketing.


We achieved a boost in online sales and organic traffic for Fenix Light Australia.


Increase in organic growth, in 12 months


Page 1 keywords on Google


Increase in Conversion Rate

Learn More About SEO Marketing

eCommerce SEO is a marketing method to increase the visibility and awareness of your website store through a range of online strategies. Once you start ranking for top positions in search engine listings, you will more likely attract more traffic to your website and have ready-to-buy customers purchasing your product or service.

When it comes to eCommerce SEO, several techniques used are similar to SEO when applying them to informational websites. Having said that, there are some important strategies that are used as part of the campaign that differ from what we use on a lead generation site. This requires in depth keyword research and crafting a conversion funnel that’s structured to attract the right people to the right pages.

Okay let’s break it down, so you’ve built an attractive eCommerce website filled with a range of products. How are you being found by online shoppers? That’s where you need to be put on the map and enlist eCommerce SEO. Of course there are other paid ad channels like Google Ads and social media marketing but in heavily based industries the costs of reaching your audience are incredibly high. 

if you’re an eCommerce business looking to achieve more sales then it’s time to contact Design Point Digital. We have our team of SEO specialists who have extensive experience and know how to get you ranking to achieve more hits to your website. Not only attract the traffic, but turn them into transactional sales, building that conversion framework.

Interested in starting this journey? Simply claim your FREE Digital SEO Audit and we will have your current SEO analysed to uncover growth opportunities. Get in touch to learn more!