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Start receiving clicks for instant traffic.

Fast track your lead generation with a successful ppc campaign. With heavily focused Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising, our marketing strategists will have you receiving clicks faster than you might think. While other marketing tools deliver results over time, Google Adwords is one of the fastest and most effective ways of to drive traffic to your website, instantly.

A well crafted Adwords campaign allows you to create ads for your business and only get charged per click from customers that are searching for you. With all search results being spotted on the top of Google, there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t be there, it’s a no brainer.

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Ad Campaigns That Convert

Target customers who are ready to buy and you’ll see a massive change in sales. But how do you target these users? If done right, the power of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing can be a major benefit to your business, which can increase your ROI in no time. Google Adwords can be a game changer that immediately drives traffic to your website.

When every click comes at a cost, optimising the number of clicks turning them into a conversion is crucial for your campaign. Our Google Adwords management services provides a fine-tuned performance campaign so that you spend less and attract more. We craft specifically targeted campaigns that find customers who are in buying mode so you can attract more conversions.


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Why Design Point Digital?

Not every Adwords agency in Melbourne can offer what we can for your paid ads. Our PPC specialists offer of a range of different strategies and the best advice when it comes to tailored ad services for your business.

Our PPC Services

Our in-house SEO experts are here to deliver custom SEO services to meet your goals and business needs.

Pay Per Click To Target Your Audience

An SEM Agency That Puts You On Top

In addition to flexible budgets, Google Adwords allows you to target a niche audience. Your advertisements will only be shown to people who search for keywords relevant to your business. Audiences can also be targeted by location.

Local businesses may only want customers from Melbourne, or their own suburb. Design Point can help you create a successful Google Ads campaign, that shows your ads to the people who matter most.

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Successful PPC Campaigns That Drive Traffic To Your Website

Tens of thousands of people search on Google every second, and we can help you be the business they find. Pay per click ad campaigns are quick to establish, and prospective customers will start clicking on your ads – even while you sleep.Β Talk to our digital Ad specialist today about launching a pay-per-click campaign for your business.

Learn More About Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC stands for Per-Pay-Click advertising which allows for marketers to promote ads in search engines and only get charged when their ads are clicked on by users.

PPC ads can show up in the top listing results of search engines, web pages and other associated apps.

The most common PPC campaign that businesses tend to run is paid search ads. They typically show up in normal search results but show up at the very top or bottom of the first page of search engine results when you search for a keyword.

It’s important to understand that Google Ads work around keywords – basically any key term or phrases that people input into search engines. Once these keywords are searched online, they’re displayed on the very top of the search results. Not only do they show up on search engine pages, but these ads can pop up on other website apps as well.

Your ad will only appear when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase you have set to target in your campaign. So if a user is looking for a particular service you offer, they’ll search for the word or phrase around that service, and if your strategy is setup correctly your ad will show! Google Ads is a great way to target your audience specifically and not just throw your money away displaying your ads to anyone.

By running a targeted PPC campaign you can appear in search results instantly, right on top of organic listings to be exact. One of the benefits of runnings these type of ads is how QUICK your ads can appear. This is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies out there that can produce FAST results.

You can look at creating ads and promoting them in front of your audience within just a couple of hours (with the right strategy of course). This is ideal for your business to increase brand awareness or if you have a promotion you would like to get out there.

No other marketing channel can bring in results as quick as PPC advertising.

Other marketing tools like SEO and social paid ads are excellent for long term marketing growth, but PPC advertising can put you on Page 1 of Google instantly and drive qualified traffic to your website.

The benefit of running PPC is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and sees your website.

Having the right paid ads strategy means you can target the right audience and not waste your money on users that aren’t interested in your product or service.

There are many reasons why we are the best Adwords management agency around. In a nutshell, we deliver results, offer full transparency and expertise. Let’s talk about how we achieve this.

As an agency we’re not here to look good, we’re here to get the best return on your Adwords investment. That means we create a cost-effective targeted campaign that will gain more traffic you want from the right audience you need.

Our PPC experts are always monitoring and fine-tuning your campaign to squeeze out the best results for your budget.

Compared to other PPC management agencies, we keep you updated every step of the way to ensure you’re in the loop. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent which is essential when it comes to working on a successful campaign.

We have the experience, knowledge and creatives that know the best way to get measurable results.