4 Principles Of A Great Business Logo

We’ve all been there, thinking about what makes a business logo great. And instead of sleeping on the ear that hears ‘business logos are a subjective thing’, we must all understand the fact that design can be universal – and is not entirely subjective. In other words, great business logos sell a story of a brand. Even if they do not meet the taste of the consumer, they are here to stay as a permanent and strong impression of a reputable brand. For example, you may or may not like Google’s logo, but you see it every day and are able to draw it without even thinking about it. But have you ever wondered what’s the actual recipe to a great logo – and its ingredients? We are sharing the four major principles that every great logo shares below.

1. Simplicity

First and foremost is the rule of simple. You will notice that no successful business logo on earth is made with too many illustrations, overlaps and scratches in it. Most of them are clean, bold and simple, using two to three colours maximum. Logos are used in a variety of ways and on different platforms – and being simple means being universal and consistent on each and every one of them.

2. Memorable

A logo must be memorable. And if your business logo has a lot of details in it, text or symbols, chances are that it will be easily forgotten by your audience. If you think about it, a memorable logo is one that can be immediately described. Think of Apple – standing for an apple with a part of it missing. As simple as that – and as impressive as that.

3. Modern Yet Timeless

Now this is a concept many designers have trouble with. Making a business logo look modern yet timeless is hard with all the changing trends today. You should make it today – but not so today in the same time – just so your logo doesn’t look silly. That is why most of the ‘timeless’ logos are flat, using fresh colors and specific (possibly rounded) elements and typefaces. The simpler the better is again the rule here.

4. Symmetrical and Balanced

You may not know about this, but the best logos out there are essentially the most symmetrical and balanced ones. They apply to each and every principle of symmetry and are illustrated to be pleasing and aesthetically balanced. Just like Apple or Twitter, for example. We hope these logo principles helped you design the business logo of your dreams – or at least know how to communicate it to your designer!