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4 Simple SEO Tweaks You Can Do Right Now

SEO is a long term marketing channel for establishing a strong online presence that attracts more reach. While keeping this in mind, there are some quick tweaks you can make to your strategy that will provide an immediate boost. Read below to learn more, or you can get in touch with us for more insight.

Take Control of Your SEO Performance

Embrace the power of search engines, like Google. This giant organisation wants to see you succeed on its result pages because it wants you to know that you’re delivering a good user experience to Google’s search users. Not only that, but there are tools that can provide a great insight about your search performance.

A popular tool used today to gather these insights is Google Search Console (GSC). Here you can assess what users are searching for in your GSC dashboard, along with how you are ranking for different search terms and what keywords are showing more impressions. There are a handful of tabs and sections of the Console that offers additional insights and performance reports. While Google may not provide all your data, it will provide a valuable understanding of your search marketing efforts, enabling you to make necessary adjustments and plan for the future.

What Are The Questions People Are Asking

User queries are your hidden gems. If users are asking questions about a specific topic related to their industry, it shows they have a problem and need a solution. By actively engaging yourself into the problem/solution scenario and offering answers that are valuable, you could find yourself attracting serious traffic to your website. Think of it as your website being the information centre of the internet hub.

So, how can you find what people out there are asking? The easiest way is to search for keywords and phrases in search engines. Look for the “People Also Ask” or “Related Searches” sections in search results, where you’ll discover common questions regarding your topic that other users are searching for. Use these questions in your content strategy and craft valuable content for your users.

Searching on forums such as Quora can help you find user questions and problems that need a solution. Search for your topic or industry in Quora’s search tab and see what other users are talking about. Choose the most common question and use this as part of your content strategy to help people with a solution.

Audit Your Web Pages

There are so many areas of SEO that can make it challenging to know if you’re doing something right and if there’s something you’re missing. While your keywords may be consistent and natural flowing within your content, it could be your technical SEO that’s letting your site down – such as page speed and site stability. Or it could be that you’re delivering an excellent user experience but your internal linking could be broken or lacks direction.

Essentially, it’s important to understand what efforts are effective and what adjustments are needed, which will come from completing an audit. Automated tools can assist you with looking into the good and bad of your current strategy. For a more comprehensive audit, get in touch with a digital marketing agency, and human SEO expert to provide a better insight into what you’re missing. Backed by this complete audit, you’ll gain an immediate understanding of how to fine-tune your SEO.

Secure A Featured Snippet Spot

You’ve likely come across featured snippets while searching in Google. These are a description or summary of your search result. Google uses several factors to determine the appropriate snippet, including descriptive sections in the meta description tag and structured information boxes. Appearing in one of these snippets can lead to a significant increase in traffic and impressions from users.

To appear in one of the featured snippets, begin by identifying which search engine includes these snippets as not all search queries show snippets. Next, you’ll craft a fully SEO optimised piece of content that will rank well for this search term. Structure the information on your page carefully, crafting a concise definition of the key term searched, an ordered or unordered list, or a table of data – depending on the snippet you wish to appear in.

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