5 Key Secrets Behind A Successful Website

There are a lot of graphic designers, developers and marketers who can point a great website just by looking at it. However, not every website is as good as it looks from a first glance.   Your website can look nice, but there may be things that are making it outdated or minor mistakes that need to be fixed. But deep down beneath, every successful website must adhere to five principles.   Today, we are labeling those principles as ‘the secrets’ behind a successful website and listing them below.  

1. Content

You may have heard this before and it’s definitely a no-brainer. Still, content has always been the king and as such will always deserve a place in every website factors list. In order to cook up great content, you must always provide useful and relevant information that is consistent and free of any mistakes.  

2. Visuals

There is a lot going on in the human eye when wandering through websites. Truth is, a lot of our perceptions of websites are made judging the visuals on them. Whether it’s the navigation bar and its colour or design, or maybe the buttons and how well they respond – all the visuals, tones and colours must be balanced well and form a nice palette that matches the colours of the brand.  

3. Functionality

Functionality is definitely a broad term. What was functional 10 years ago in the digital space is definitely not functional today. And that is exactly why every website must be simple and adopt the latest web design trends that are commonly used today.  

4. Grasp of the audience

Every website owner must have a good grasp of the audience that will likely visit the website. Without knowing this, no content will ever be relevant to the needs of the visitor. The best way to do that is to create user personas for your brand and try to mimic their actions when landing on your website (ex. John is your buyer who is looking to book a holiday from your travel agency website – how easy can he do that?)  

5. A Story

Last but not the least, every brand must have a story. It’s your story that makes you unique – so try to pull it off in a nice and non-aggressive way. You know, just so your visitors can get to know you and see what’s so special about you.   In the end, having a website is definitely a great responsibility. You must know what works and what doesn’t before investing in your first website or making your existing one better. If you need help with any of these secrets, our expert web design team in Melbourne can definitely assist!