attractive website design for business

How An Attractive Website Can Help Your Business

There tends to be so much focus in the online world on how to create a functional website that is easy for your customers to use. But does it need to look good? The simple answer is yes. Just the same as a friendly customer service team or an attractive looking storefront, it’s the little things that have a big impact.

A good-looking website can play a huge role in attracting visitors to your site and also keeping them there, to hopefully convert into paying customers. Here are 5 ways having an attractive website can help your business.

It’s all about first impressions

When a visitor lands on your site, what they are greeted with forms their first impression of your business – so you want to make sure it’s a good one. All it takes is seconds for them to decide and whether or not they’re interested and going to stick around.

  • An outdated website gives the impression you’re not a very active business and perhaps a bit dated with the times.
  • An unprofessional website will make your visitors lose that vital trust in you before getting past that first page.
  • An over-the-top website can distract the visitor from seeing vital information.

At the end of the day, if you don’t create the best first impression possible, you could find yourself missing out on valuable leads. A good first impression can encourage them to remain on your page and discover more.

Highlights your customer service

A good-looking website can also set the bar for your customer service. When visitors land on a well put together, active and fresh website, they tend to expect to receive good customer service at the same time, encouraging them to stick around.

Put simply, the effort you put into your website is a tell-tale sign to customers of how you’ll treat them. The more effort, the more faith they will have in your business. Treat your website like a customer service representative. You want them to be dressed appropriately and to be warm and friendly with your customers. Your web design should be no different.

Better yet, a cutting edge site can provide proactive support to visitors, solving issues swiftly and building brand loyalty. With the help of tools like Sendbird’s video call API, your team can tackle dilemmas in real time, for instance. Just make sure the site’s design draws attention to any functionality you add.

It builds trust

People simply don’t trust poorly designed websites. Would you? If a website looks outdated and boring, your visitors won’t know whether to trust any of the information on it. Instead, they will find themselves asking whether this is outdated and incorrect, too.

Whether you’re appealing to an individual customer for a single sale, or to a manufacturing company with a huge order, you want to build that brand trust with them. It also helps for word of mouth. People aren’t going to send friends or family to websites they thought was old and outdated. That could be costing you a lot in lost revenue from word of mouth.

It creates consistency

A well-designed website is the perfect opportunity to build up brand recognition in your customers. Once they are familiar with your brand, they are more likely to choose you when they’re ready to convert.

An experienced web design agency creates consistency across all the pages of your website, giving your site an air of professionalism while creating a brand image at the same time. They will know what colours and fonts to associate with your brand, helping you earn more leads and conversions down the track.

Gives you a competitive edge

The online world is a huge space with more and more businesses coming into it each and every day. If you need a reason that web design is so important, it’s for the simple fact that your competitors are doing it. And if they’re doing it better than you, visitors are going to choose them and trust their business instead.

Treat your web design as a way to help your business stand out from the crowd and get noticed. You can find the point that makes you different and run with it.

Looking to design a new, beautiful website that will attract more visitors and have a lasting impression? Speak to the experts at Design Point today. With our web design skills, your business will stand out, bringing a fresh new look that will result in even more conversions. Give us a call today.