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How To Skyrocket Growth With Content Writing In 2020

It never hurts to revisit your content marketing strategy plan to make sure it is up-to-date, relevant and valuable to your target audience. The first step in getting ahead of your competition is to have a strong, smart marketing plan in place. If you’re planning for the new year ahead or need fresh ideas to include in your plan, this post is a must read.

9 in 10 businesses have content marketing in their playbook. This isn’t surprising. With over 9 in 10 claiming their lack of trust in advertising, sharing valuable content is the gateway to people’s hearts and minds. There’s every reason for a business or brand to smile at these statistics if content marketing is the engine for growth. But at the same time, it also highlights a new playing field in marketing competition – content! Unless you can claim victory here, your chances of winning a share of consumers’ wallets are low.

The content battlefield will grow more intense in 2020. Tactics and strategies, tips and tricks as well as new technologies are emerging frequently to help businesses leverage the potential of content marketing. While they are designed to be helpful, at times they can be confusing too.

In this post we breakdown ways to skyrocket your content writing growth when it comes to strategising your website content.

long form content

1. Long-form content

The rise of long-form content seems to be breaking several rules of marketing – people’s attention spans are short, and they are looking for immediate gratification. Medium discovered its most popular posts are 1600 words in length and take 7 minutes to read. Indeed there is a role for long-form content. Why?

There’s a huge ocean of information in the age IoT. However, it isn’t too far fetched to say that by and large, it is either a sea of sameness or junk. Google knows this. Long-form website content helps you cast away from the sameness or junk. You’ll be able to dive deeper into a topic, substantiate your views with relevant facts and figures as well as turn your writing style into a brand touchpoint.

conversational writing

2. Conversational writing

For a start, conversational writing isn’t permission to use poor grammar and syntax that we typically find ourselves doing in everyday conversations. In the latter context, people generally are more tolerant. What is conversational writing, then? In a nutshell, conversational writing is all about putting words and sentences in an easy to read and digestible format.

Ensuring readers understand the content is important. After all, content writing isn’t about mesmerising the audience with your command of the written word or subject matter. Trying to do so risks distancing them from the content and possibly the business or brand behind it. Bear in mind the ultimate goal of content marketing, which is to drive sales. Your content is one of the stepping stones leading to this.

consumer centric

3. Consumer centricity

9 in 10 B2B marketers have their target audience in full view while developing their content. Your website content must address the concerns and problems of the target audience. Content must never be a chest-thumping exercise. Readers must see it as a genuine effort to reach out and help. Why is this important?

Consumer centricity is a pillar in building trust. To this end, it’s more than just a focus on their problems and best-fit solutions. It’s reaching out to help without a catch. Doing this consistently will nourish trust they have in your business or brand. Sales become a natural outcome of this.

trusted content

4. E.A.T

In the third quarter of 2019, Google released its E.A.T guidelines – Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust qualities in content. It is a step towards ensuring only content with substance receives the appropriate ranking. If your content ticks these boxes, it will drift away from the sea of sameness and junk out there. But how can you implement E.A.T?

In-depth research into your target audience, their problems and dynamics of your category or industry is central. As the battle of content heats up, good writing remains a necessary condition. Content that is read must be well researched too. This can be a mix of primary and secondary research.

2020 and beyond will see the rise of more consumer-centric, hyper-targeted and more action-centric content. Sound market and consumer research will be more evident too.

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