Sign Up to Google My Business FREE

Have a website up and want to gain some internet exposure? Well Google gives you that opportunity to list your business on their popular search engine for FREE. Just simply provide Google with accurate information about your business and you’re on your way to getting listed.

The information you provide will have users looking for what you have to offer. The Google My Business feature also offers you to list coupons, directions, trading hours, your telephone number and more. To do this all comes at no cost and is completely free.

Below are the steps to set up a Google My Business listing:

1. Search for “Google My Business” in Google

google my business listing


Click on the first link that appears on Google.

2. Search for “Google My Business” in Google

start your google listing


On the next screen click on “START NOW”. In order for you to list your business in Google, you will need to create a Google account or use your existing account. This account will allow you to access both Gmail or Google Drive.

3. Add Your Business


start your google listing


Next, you will add your business name. Fill out the below fields about your business including business name, country/region, street address etc. Confirm whether your business delivers goods and services to customer location.

4. Select Your Business


select your google listing


The next step is where you will choose your business (if visible) by what Google has analysed from your submitted details. If your business is not visible in the displayed list click on “None of these match – Keep the information I entered”. This will then bring you to the next step.

5. Confirm Your Business


confirm your google listing

In the next screen below, you will confirm your business submission by clicking on “I am authorised to manage this business and I agree to the Terms of Service”. Click on “Continue” to verify your business information and create your Google+ page for your business.

A password will be sent from Google to your business location address within 1-2 weeks for you to verify your business listing and Google+ page.

Once verified, your business listing will appear in Google like the example below when typing “Your Business Name” in Google search.

google my business listing