seo trends for 2022

Top 5 SEO Trends for 2022: The Future of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital for brands wanting to succeed in a competitive online marketplace. Optimising your site works to boost visibility online and prompt organic visitors, converting prospects to customers. One fundamental element of SEO is that the rules and features are constantly changing—it can be hard to keep up. Putting together a successful SEO strategy means staying on top of SEO trends and using them to build authority and promote visibility.

SERP Marketing

Google is now the ultimate destination for information and constantly updating their search features to improve user experience. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is what comes up after you search a term in Google. The once uniform results page now includes organic search results, paid advertisements, graphs, interactive results and videos.

This is both a challenge and opportunity for businesses to diversify their content and compete with the evolving SERP landscape. That means brands need to create content across different formats and invest in optimising their content. Including video in your marketing plan is a great way to connect with audiences and get noticed. Online video is more popular than ever with 86% of professional digital marketers using video as a marketing tool and 56% of consumers wanting more video content.

Google Discover

Almost 60% of all Google searches are conducted on a mobile phone, and mobile optimisation is more vital than ever for marketers. Google Discover has just upped the ante; the app is designed exclusively for mobile devices. Featuring a curated feed for users based on search history, location and preferences. Originally Google Feed—they relaunched to Google Discover with a stronger emphasis on visual and video content alongside web articles.

SEO specialists and brands might not see how Google Discover is relevant for their business, yet the app is proving to be an invaluable asset for brands. In some cases providing more organic traffic than regular organic results. Learning how to optimise your content for Google Discover is an important marketing strategy for 2022 and requires a separate plan from your regular SEO strategy.

First-party data collection

Amidst growing privacy concerns, Google is pushing to remove third-party cookies from websites. Although this is a great step forward for data privacy online, it does pose a problem for marketers and business. Many marketers rely on third-party cookies to track consumer behaviour and target potential customers.

Brands need a first-party data collection plan, driving browsers to their website with a captive strategy to obtain first-party data directly from customers. First-party data can be more effective than third-party—increasing organic clicks, relevance and precision targeting that all create more personalised experiences for customers and build authority.

Refreshed page content

Although a successful SEO strategy has both technical and marketing components, one simple thing you can do to optimise a website is to refresh existing content and improve user experience. Adding additional copy, links, videos or new keywords is a fast and effective way to stay relevant and rank higher on Google.

Researching your top competitors is a great place to start—then taking note of what keywords or content they are using. Updating your content and reposting on social media means Google will trust that your site is the most relevant for customers searching for a specific product.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed how we interact online, allowing for mass amounts of information to be processed almost instantaneously. AI software has the ability to analyse and learn from personal data, content pages and search engine rankings. AI is an expanding market and anyone interested in increasing business should look at investing in AI powered SEO tools.

Keep in mind Googles search engine uses an intelligent algorithm that determines how web pages rank—the challenge for business is they are getting smarter. No matter your SEO tools, keep in mind good SEO practice. Make sure you are producing well written content regularly, updating old content, using headings and building authority with backlinks.

Build your SEO strategy

Keeping your finger on the pulse of SEO and marketing trends is a great way to ensure longevity and increase business. If you want to maximise your marketing and increase your brand’s online awareness, speak to our strategists today. We can help develop a proposal that will drive your business goals.