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3 Ways To Rank Your Website During 2020

Okay, so, it’s a little hectic out there, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Work, health, finances and even their toilet paper supplies, are causing mass panic and anxiety. WHO declared a global pandemic in the form of the coronavirus and it’s affecting business around the world. Although the government has announced stimulus packages to support the SMB’s and sole traders, companies need to take the necessary actions themselves to survive and even thrive through this recession.

As more people practise social distancing, work remotely from home, and spend more time online, the importance of your website ranking higher in these volatile and historical times is more crucial than ever. In this post, we will discuss three strategical ways to rank higher in 2020.

Understanding the purpose of SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is a way of future proofing your website for the inevitable recession. No longer can you spam search engines – the objective now is to make useful and quality content. If search engines can easily understand the content, the focus and the objective of your copy, they will reward you for it with better rankings.

How Search Engines Work

How did you end up here? Perhaps you were searching for the keyword SEO agency or something similar.

The search engine you used, be it Bing, Google, or Yahoo, didn’t magically pick this page. A sophisticated algorithm determined which of millions of pages it has indexed on the subject of ‘SEO agency’ would be most relevant.

You too can cater to this algorithm, so your target audience finds what they’re looking for online, your business. As a result, excellent SEO practice can help you grow traffic, sales and, ultimately, your business.

The best search engine marketing strategies is all about the balance between bots and humans.

The best SEO practise involves ethical techniques making content scannable by bots and algorithms while ensuring your web copy is readable, useful and meaningful for humans.

Benefits Of Great SEO

Increased exposure

SEO results in more relevant web traffic via organic search. Furthermore, it provides brand exposure.

Bring leads

Good SEO encourages sign-ups and conversions, which help develop brand credibility.

Better UX

SEO leads to better user experience (UX) by streamlining the customer journey towards what they’re looking for.

New, loyal customers

Great SEO strategy leads to increased revenue and a loyal customer base.

3 ways you can improve your SEO

Technical SEO

The technical SEO process begins by analysing your target audience, your competitors and the search terms that will deliver the best performance. Talking with SEO digital strategists can then structure your web pages so that search engines understand exactly what your content goals are.

Some of the most important parts of technical SEO include:

  • A secure and accessible website – the use of https
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Page speed (including mobile)
  • Domain age, authority and URL
  • Optimised content
  • Back-end SEO
  • User experience (UX)
  • Links (internal, external and inbound)
  • On-page SEO

A professional SEO copywriter will write and optimise the content that’s required.

SEO copywriting is a technical form of writing that includes researched and strategically placed keywords and key phrases throughout the headings (H1), subheadings (H2) and body copy. Often used for website pages, articles and blogs, to help you rank higher and drive more traffic to your website.

There are three different types of keywords:

Short: SEO

Mid-tail: SEO company Australia

Long-tail: best SEO company Australia

Generally speaking, the more niche (long-tail keyword/key phase) you choose, the less competition and better chance you have of ranking higher.

External and citation building SEO

Beyond page structure, a professional SEO agency can help devise strategies for bettering search engine ranking by seeking link building opportunities, improving site performance and using social media to signal specific content relevance.

The idea is to link to high-quality and authority sites. These are sites with high traffic volume and are an authority on a subject. Better yet, if you can have a site like Design Point link back to your website, this will significantly improve your SEO rankings as an authority site is demonstrating the value in your own content. However, these are the hardest links to achieve.

Get In Front Of Your Competitors With Design Point

As discussed, SEO and ranking your business on search engine results has never been more critical. If you are concerned about the current and oncoming economic climate and would like help to safeguard your business against a recession, please reach out to us for any questions or queries.