10 Reasons To Build Your Website With WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world – for many good reasons. It was originally created for publishing blogs, but it has become much, much more. WordPress can be used to host small and large business websites, and even online stores. While most people end up using WordPress for their CMS, it is important to know why you are making this choice and why building a website with WordPress is beneficial. A new web design can last you for many years, and is an investment for the future of your business. Good choices now, will help you save money and time in the future. These are the 10 top reasons you should build your website with WordPress.

1. WordPress is for Everyone

WordPress meets the needs of both experienced web developers, and complete novices. This means you can use the system yourself, even if you have no experience building websites. Many tutorials are available and the learning curve is low. A website is often managed by multiple people, so it needs to be easy to use for everyone involved. manage your own website content

2. Manage Your Own Content

The main benefits of WordPress, like any CMS, is that website owners can easily manage their own content. Businesses can post website content themselves, without needing to ask their web designer or developer. Even if you hire a web designer or work with a digital agency like Design Point, you can still upload your blog or edit existing website content yourself. online security

3. Online Security

WordPress is committed to providing a secure system, to prevent malicious attacks and other cyber crimes. Online security helps businesses protect their reputation, and allows online shoppers to safely make purchases and exchange sensitive information. Working with a secure content management system like WordPress, will help you do business safely online.

seo benefits

4. SEO Benefits

WordPress websites are organised and structured, making it easy for Google to understand what the website is about. Plugins are available to make some SEO tasks easier to complete. Choosing a CMS that is SEO-friendly for your website will help you improve your Google rankings, so potential customers can find you online.

ecommerce friendly

5. Ecommerce-friendly

Online stores are easy to build if you are using WordPress. Many of the world’s major retail outlets use WordPress as their ecommerce solution. Plugins, like WP Ecommerce and WooCommerce can help you build an online store that customers will want to visit and purchase from. Third-party integrations are available so payments can be received through PayPal. wordpress with web designers

6. Popular with Web Designers

You may not want to build a website yourself, but your choice of CMS is still important. As WordPress is so popular, most designers and developers will have an excellent understanding of how it works. Your chosen designer will already know the advanced features, and how to make the most of a website built with WordPress.

7. Free to Use

WordPress is free and an open source software. Instead of being owned by somebody, WordPress is a community project. While there is a core team of developers, anybody can make suggestions or report bugs. Don’t confuse WordPress with WordPress.com which does charge fees. WordPress that you host yourself is free and easy to install. online documentation

8. Online Documentation

Start searching on the web, and you will discover an almost endless amount of information on WordPress. This includes tutorials so you can learn how to use it, even if you have no experience as a web developer. WordPress releases its own regular news, and community forums that can answer your questions and help you solve problems. highly flexible and user friendly

9. Highly Flexible and User Friendly

The flexibility of WordPress means you can create almost any website you like. The choice of layouts and themes is tremendous, and you can customise your design to match your brand. Whether you are looking for a simple brochure website, or something more complex, WordPress can change and grow with your business. wordpress is perfect for blogs

10. Perfect for Blogs

As WordPress started out as a blogging platform, there is no better CMS for blogs. You may not think of yourself as a blogger, but business websites benefit from having a small section of recent posts. This could be called a blog, your news page, or something completely different. Talk to our team at Design Point about using web design blogging and content marketing to promote your website.

WordPress is Our Choice For CMS

Our WordPress developers at Design Point can assist you with converting your vision into this user-friendly CMS platform. We are ready to chat if you are looking for a website designer who is experienced with the WordPress platform. As a full service digital agency, our team can design and develop SEO-friendly WordPress websites, and plan a marketing campaign to help your site succeed.