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5 Ways to Make Your Website More Engaging

So, you’ve put together what you think is a great website, packed full of just the type of information your customers are searching for, and the traffic is starting to roll in. However, you quickly notice a troubling pattern: your readers are only staying on your site for a few seconds, not clicking around to different areas of the site like you hoped they would. This is a common problem as readers’ attention spans grow shorter and shorter. Read on for five easy tips to help increase customers’ engagement with your site.


Keep It Simple

Resist the urge to cram so much information onto your site that your viewers have difficulty finding what they are looking for. Aim to have plenty of blank space and use bullet points and subheadings in your content to make it easier to scan. Most readers decide if they will find what they are looking for on your site within the first few seconds, so make it easy for them.


Include a Chat Feature

With the impersonal nature of the internet, it can be great to get to chat with a real person. This way, your customers will be able to ask questions and your representatives can point them in the right direction. Your readers will appreciate this personal touch, making it more likely that they will return to your website in the future.


Make It Mobile-Responsive

More and more people are using tablets and smartphones to access the internet, so it is crucial that your website employ responsive web design. This enables your site to display properly on smaller screens. Without mobile-responsiveness, your readers are likely to surf to another site that is responsive to find the information they are looking for.


Link to Other Relevant Information

Once you have gotten a reader’s attention and provided them with the information they were looking for, suggest other similar content for further reading. This way, your readers can easily find more information or information about related topics. The end result is that they stay on your site even longer, solidifying your business in their memories.


Tell Readers What to Do

Many readers on your site will get the information they need and then leave simply because they did not know what to do next. Try to include relevant calls to action to guide your readers on their next steps. This could include purchasing a product, signing up for your email newsletter or requesting more information. Point them in the right direction and you’ll find that your readers often stay longer.


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