5 Tips to Make Your Website Skyrocket

When it comes to your company’s website, it is not enough to just set it up once and hope for the best. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and you need to update your website to ensure that your site continues to rank highly among the search results.

Not only that, but search engines give preference to websites that are regularly updated over those that are static. Here’s what you need to know to give your website a tune-up.

1. Implement a Keyword Strategy

Keywords are the terms that consumers type into search engines when looking for information online. Take some time to identify what your customers might be searching for so that you can incorporate those terms throughout your website. Make sure that the keywords are used naturally in the context of your content.

Search engines have gotten quite sophisticated and can tell when you are stuffing in keywords to try to get more traffic. The keywords you choose need to be relevant to your business.



2. Pay Attention to Your Existing Traffic

Take a look at the analytics for your website. You’ll likely notice that some pages get more traffic than others. Identify your top-performing pages so that you can figure out what is drawing customers to them. Then, you can incorporate those tactics on other pages to boost their numbers.

3. Make Note of Bounce Rates

The bounce rate for a particular page is the percentage of viewers who immediately leave your website after reading the page, rather than visiting another page on your site. As with the previous tip, you’ll find that some pages have higher bounce rates than others. Re-evaluate those pages to figure out how you can improve them to better capture readers’ attention.

4. Monitor the Performance of Any Changes

When you make changes to a particular page, compare its performance before and after the change so that you can see the effects. This will help you understand which tactics are effective and which are not, informing future changes to your site.

5. Consider Page Load Times

More and more people are using mobile devices to search for information these days, and you want your website to load quickly for them. Keep your image files as small as possible without sacrificing quality so that they’ll load as quickly as possible, no matter which device a customer is using.

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