web design tips for website lead generation

5 Web Design Tips To Improve Your Website Lead Generation

It doesn’t matter how flashy, luxurious or attractive your website is, you need to obtain lead generation. It is important to understand the current trends of the era by doing your research (usually online). You must also understand what your competitors are doing. We will begin with some important statistics and knowledge then go into five basic points that may improve your lead generation.

Important Statistics and Knowledge

The below shows the importance of conversion optimisation and how it affects users consuming your website information:

  • The web design of a website makes up 75% of the judgement of a company’s credibility
  • Once visitors come to the homepage, 86% of them want information about your products or services
  • 64% expect to see your contact information
  • 52% want to know about your business

We realise that users are basically hunting specific information. So when they don’t find what they are looking for, they leave your website which contributes to your bounce rate score.

By conversion we mean some sort of contact the user has with your website where they leave some information about themselves. You need to optimise your website in order to obtain high conversion rates.

  • The average website conversion rate is 2.35%
  • The top 25% of websites have conversion rates of at least 5.31%
  • 44% of website visitors leave a company’s website if there is no contact information
  • 70% of small business websites don’t have a call to action

A call to action is a web element that tells people to do something such as:

  • Complete their Order
  • Add a Product to their cart
  • Download a piece of content
  • Submit a Form
  • Follow you on Social Media

Businesses tend to spend a lot of time and money generating traffic to their website. Email marketing, social media, live chat and blog posts are sources of traffic. Obtaining traffic is the easy part (although it’s actually not that easy). Once you have the traffic pointed to your website, now the task begins to convert this traffic into leads. This is the hard part!

Design elements and other tips are now playing a bigger role in helping your website convert. This is because there is a lot of competition out there. Hopefully these five points below will give you a competitive edge.

Add Forms To Pages That Get The Most Website Traffic

The first element we’ll describe is adding forms to pages that get the most traffic.  This is a common sense approach. A landing page is the first taste that people get of your website. Now is the perfect time to present a contact form that asks for the personal information. But don’t put too many fields! Users are time poor these days and want to be able to complete the form in speedy fashion. Add in the most important fields you require from them.

Measure performance of each Lead Generator and Landing pages

You must evaluate each of your lead generation sources to see which one of them is bringing in more traffic. You can also compare landing pages. Let’s say you have a landing page A) with a 1% conversion rate and a landing page B) with a 5% conversation rate. It is now up to you to compare the two landing pages and improve the first one as soon as possible (perhaps by borrowing knowledge).

Use Natural Steps in Lead Generation

Make sure your offers relate to the page the user lands on so you can take advantage of your user’s interest of a particular subject. If your user searched “Fast Boats” and landing on your blog post “Fast Boats of 2022” you shouldn’t link that post to an offer about hair care! Offers should relate to the landing page content.

Your Homepage and Other Pages

Your homepage design must catch your users attention. Good use of a white background is important to concentrate on written content. Don’t make your homepage overcrowded. Information overload is common. Using contrasting colours and keeping the design simple is a good approach. A homepage is one of the best places to have a call to action. But you shouldn’t put too many CTA’s on the homepage, it can be confusing for the user. A good main menu navigation system will take them to other parts of the site and keep the user browsing for more.

A thank you page is often overlooked as a source of lead generation. You can also include social sharing buttons and even a new form for a related offer (although you have to be careful not to flood the user with information). At the very least you may present some interesting internal links to keep the user browsing.

Another good idea is to include video content. Use of bullet points in text is also desired. Developing a live chat service for your website may increase lead generation too. Offering e-books for download on specific blog posts is also a good idea.

Mobile Friendly Website and Leads

We have seen many examples of beautiful desktop websites that just don’t translate to a mobile device screen. In today’s busy world a higher percentage of people are accessing their phone on trains, whilst walking, at social gatherings etc. You must invest in a mobile friendly website. Make it easy to navigate and use a quick-to-access main menu. 85% of adults think that the company’s website should be as good or better than it’s desktop website. Your forms and calls to action have to be pronounced and easy to read. Your buttons should be simplified and use of a bright colour is probably wise.

How We Can Help

In the ever competitive world of websites, lead generation will continue to be a big issue. Quite simply, you have to follow some of the trends of the day and even get creative and try some innovative approaches too! Small businesses spend time and money driving traffic to their websites. If only they spent as much money generating leads. Sometimes flashy elements get in the way of communicating to your users. Try to avoid information overload and you should be fine. Invest in the design of your forms and where you place them, your call to action buttons, a mobile friendly design and your half way there.

We hope you can apply the above tips to optimise your website to drive more conversions. Our team of UX designers and developers are here to provide web design services for small businesses who want to implement strategies to improve their conversion funnel. Feel free to get in touch with us by giving us a call on 03 9923 2712 or send us an online enquiry if you have any questions.