christmas checklist for ecommerce website

Christmas Marketing Checklist For Your eCommerce Store

The silly season is upon us, which for an eCommerce store, means your busiest period of the year. This year has brought many changes to the retail space, with more and more people making use of the online world for their shopping. This is great news if you are running an eCommerce shop.

Everyone is jumping online in a mad rush to find the perfect gift for family and friends. But are they coming to you? With more buyers out there than ever before, it can be tempting to sit back and wait for them to discover your amazing products. However, more buyers have also come with more sellers to compete with in this space. There has never been a more important time to ramp up your marketing efforts to make sure everyone knows your name. Here are the 5 things we cover for you to be eCommerce store ready and mark on your Christmas marketing checklist:

1. Review Data From Last Year

The best way forward is to go backwards and look at how you have done in the past. By analysing results from the same period in the previous year, you can take a look at which areas were your strongest. Go through the data and make note of which platforms brought the most money in. This is where it will be best to concentrate your efforts for this year. It also gives you a chance to boost the marketing this year and do even better. You can learn from what you did in the past, find out what worked and what didn’t and put your marketing spend where it is likely to get the biggest return this year.

2. Have The Content Ready

In order to sell products, you have to market those products. Set aside a day or two to run a photoshoot with your products. Ask friends to come help out, and even pay for a professional photographer. You can get images of your products in a studio setting, as well as lifestyle settings to show all its amazing uses. These images can then be used for look books, gift guides, social media posts, on your website and much more. A picture really does tell a 1000 words, which is why it’s so important to have quality images of your product/s. You generally only have a few seconds to capture a scroller’s attention on social media, so let your images do the talking.

3. Hit Your Email List

You have spent the time building up your email list, now is the time to make use of it. Set up a strategy from now until Christmas day. Plan out what emails you will be sending and when, and what the purpose of these emails are. If you are just promoting your products everyday for a month, your subscribers are going to stop opening the emails and start unsubscribing. Remember the importance of connecting with your customers. Add in coupon codes they can take advantage of, share customer reviews and celebrate the busy season with them.

4 . Get Social

Get your social strategy into gear and start scheduling in those posts. The platform will be even more saturated over the holiday season, with every business trying to stand out and get noticed. You want to plan ahead and get creative to connect with your audience. You can use the content you put together above and think of engaging ways to reach your audience. Think of running giveaways, sales, and more and make sure you’re posting frequently to ensure you are reaching as large an audience as possible.

5. Refresh Your Ads

If you have been using Facebook Marketing and Google Adwords, then now is the time to revisit those ads and refresh them for the holiday season. Everyone is in a festive mood and your advertising needs to reflect that. This is what will help them get into spending mode as well. After all, Christmas is very focused on giving. In fact, giving your website a little festive makeover can also go a long way in getting your customers in a mood to shop. Add in a little Christmas tree, talk about spending time with friends and family and make all your website and ad content focused on the holiday season.

It’s all about being prepared and having an effective strategy in place. Now is the time for planning and execution, to ensure you reach as many customers as possible this holiday season. If you are after a little helping hand, then speak to us at Design Point. We deliver tailored marketing solutions for your business to help you get the most out of the Christmas period.