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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which One to Choose?

There are lots of options available for online advertising today. However, one of the hottest topics of debate for online marketers remains which is better, Facebook ads or Google ads. Both camps have strong arguments for why their choice is better. Arguments amongst marketers supporting either camp can in fact become very heated. It has become harder for business owners and anyone else without a background in online marketing to determine which path is right for them.

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads have great benefits for businesses. Many businesses take advantage of both platforms and can reap the benefits that each offers. The real question, therefore, is not whether Facebook Ads is better than Google Ads or vice versa. The question you should ask is which one will provide your business with greater reach and give you the best results.

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads, What’s the Difference?

Before diving into which platform is best for marketing your products or services, it is important to understand what each platform has to offer and what the differences are.

Google is the most popular search engine on the planet. It processes billions of searches every day. The term Google has become a verb that many uses to mean ‘to search online.’ Today many consumers use Google to search for information on services or products that they are interested in purchasing. It, therefore, makes sense to take advantage of this platform to reach your target audience with Google Ads.

Google Ads is currently the world’s biggest pay-per-click (PPC) platform. With this platform, you will only pay for the ad when someone clicks on the ad. The ads are displayed on Google search pages when someone searches for something related to what you offer. This, therefore, allows you to target your ads at people that are already interested in what you have to offer. You can even target your ads to people in a particular region.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. This social media giant has played a significant role in changing consumer behavior. Many people today don’t only spend time on social media to connect with friends and family but also to seek information on things they are interested in. Facebook collects data based on user activity and their interests to provide businesses with the opportunity to provide targeted ads.

Facebook Ads provides businesses the opportunity to create ads and retarget audiences. You can select your audience based on specific qualities such as demographics, likes, behaviours, or even dislikes.

Benefits of Using Google Ads

benefits of google ads

Big reach

Google processes over one trillion searches a year. This number continues to rise as more consumers turn to the internet for guidance in their purchasing journey. There is no doubt that you can reach a larger audience by using Google Ads. The platform even makes the deal sweeter by getting your ads in front of people that are interested in what you have to offer.

Great results for quality ads

If you’re willing to put in the work and create quality content, you’re sure to get results with Google Ads. Google is especially keen on providing users with relevant and quality content. If you do a good job in creating an engaging and relevant ad, you’re sure to get a great return on your investment with Google Ads.

You will get your ads in front of potential buyers

Google presents ads on relevant search pages. That means that people that are already searching for your products or services will see your ads. They are more likely to click on your ad and make a purchase.

Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

benefits of facebook ads

Greater control of your audience

Like Google, Facebook has billions of users. This increases your reach. However, Facebook provides even greater control in targeting your audience. You can target your audience in a more precise way. The social media platform provides more data about users allowing you to get your ad in front of people that would be interested in what you have to offer.

You can use visuals in your ads

One of the biggest differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is that Facebook Ads allows you to use visuals in your ads. You can use anything from videos to photos to grab the attention of potential customers. This gives you an even great opportunity to reach and engage your target audience.

You can build brand awareness

Facebook is a great platform for engaging with your target audience. You can show the human side of your brand and therefore build trust amongst your target audience. This is especially great for a new brand or when introducing new products. You can get your brand or product out there. Even if people don’t buy it the first time round, they are likely to see what others say and may purchase it as a result.

So Which One is Best for You?

While there’s an online war raging on which is better, the truth is that Facebook Ads and Google Ads aren’t in competition. Businesses don’t have to select one or the other. You can include both in your digital marketing campaign. However, if you have to choose between the two, consider the factors below in making your decision.

Your budget

You will want to not only ensure that you choose the option that you can afford but that will offer you a greater return for your investment. Have a look at the numbers on Facebook Ads and Google Keyword Planner to make your decision based on real data.

Your target audience

Where is your target audience spending their time? If they spend most of their time on Facebook, then Facebook ads would be a great choice for your business. If they are likely to be searching for your services on Google, then Google Ads would be the better choice.

The buyer’s journey

How do your buyers find you? If they search Facebook for recommendations, then Facebook Ads are a great option. If they spend more time using Google to gather more information, then Google Ads would be the best option.

Other factors to consider include what the competition is doing and what your goals are in advertising. All in all, both Google Ads and Facebook Ads would be great additions to your digital marketing strategy.

Craft a Powerful Ad Strategy

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