Google Announces Final Warning for HTTPS Sites

Is your website secure? If not, you need to act fast in order for your site not to suffer.

Google recently announced that its popular Chrome browser will be changing the way it displays “Secure” and “Not Secure” designations for websites. The browser currently displays a “Secure” message along with a padlock symbol for all secure websites, meaning those with URLs that begin with https. Going forward, this will not be the case.

The first change will take place in September 2018 when Google releases the newest version of Chrome. After that release, https websites will only display the padlock symbol. Although the release date for the following update has not yet been set, when it does come out, secure websites will receive no designation at all.

This change doesn’t just affect encrypted https websites, but http websites as well. Currently, there is no moniker for http websites. When the changes go into effect, non-secure websites (http sites) will be labelled as “Not Secure.” This can raise red flags with users, urging them to navigate away from unsafe websites.

difference between http and https

Google is making these changes to the Chrome browser in response to a sea change in web design conventions. In the past, most websites were in the http format. However, with hacking, privacy concerns and other data threats on the rise, more and more websites are making the switch to https to better protect their customers. The customers themselves are also becoming more sensitive to data protection in choosing the sites that they visit.

Why switch to a HTTPS site?

Going forward, this new change means that your business should switch over to https as soon as possible if you haven’t already. When prospective customers find your business online, a “Not Secure” message might push them to navigate away from your site in a hurry in order to protect themselves and their personal information. This means that you could be losing customers before they have even had the chance to get to know your company and services.

If your business is like most, you simply can’t afford to lose these customers. This is especially true when there is such an easy fix. Here at Design Point, our team of expert web designers and developers have helped countless businesses and individuals with their websites who can help you adapt quickly to the upcoming changes.

Want to secure your website? Let us know! We will be able to register and setup your https certificate for your website right away. In addition, we can assist you with marketing your brand to reach a larger audience online.

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