putting out good content

How To Make Sure You’re Putting Out Good Content

We are all consumers of content in one way or another. We read blogs and articles, watch videos, and listen to podcasts. This makes us part of an audience, giving us valuable insight into what it means to engage with content.

So, what kind of content grabs your attention? Is it promotional press releases praising a new product, or is it high-value content that addresses a pressing question or solves a significant problem? Unsurprisingly, it’s the latter. This is why you need to focus on delivering high-value, useful content as part of your 2023 strategy.

The experts at Design Point Digital have compiled an insightful guide to help make your 2023 content strategy truly helpful and genuinely valuable for your audience.

Focus on Problem-Solving

It’s essential to move away from viewing your content solely as a marketing tool. While it indeed plays a significant role in your marketing and promotional campaigns, content is more than just that – it’s an opportunity to assist your readers, essentially serving as a product or service in itself.

Consider the challenges your audience faces. Maybe they’ve purchased a product and want to know how to maximise its potential. Or perhaps they’re considering making a purchase but are unsure which brand or model best suits their needs. Being solely promotional won’t suffice here. Instead, you must demonstrate that you understand the audience’s problem and have a viable solution.

Know Your Audience Inside Out

With your existing industry knowledge, you may be able to identify some basic problems and solutions. However, to ensure your content is genuinely helpful in 2023, you need to look into it deeper. Understand the different segments of your audience, their motivations, and the specific issues they encounter. Then, you can provide solutions tailored to specific buyer demographics.

Analytics and audience data can provide some insights, but you should supplement this with qualitative data. Engage with your audience to learn more about their pain points and areas of dissatisfaction. This will provide you with a valuable resource as you address customer problems.

Consider The Emotional Aspect

Remember, you are writing for people, not algorithms. Google’s goal isn’t to create a list of links to content that checks all the SEO boxes. They aim to provide a helpful service to their users. If you can produce content that genuinely meets these users’ needs – within the framework of SEO, of course – high SERP rankings will naturally follow.

Humans are emotional beings. Keep this in mind when crafting content. Are your readers feeling apprehensive about a potential problem or hopeful about possible opportunities? Is their need immediate, or are they dealing with a long-term issue? These considerations will guide the tone of your content.

Expand Your Content Outlets

Ensure your content reaches the right audience. This involves implementing a robust SEO strategy and ranking high on Google’s search pages, but it also requires thinking outside this box. Your customers likely engage with social media, so identify the platforms they use and distribute your content there.

Don’t overlook your mailing list. A regular newsletter is an effective way to extend your content’s reach and ensure it gets to those who can benefit from it. Keep your brand profiles in mind and segment your mailing list accordingly to deliver the right content to the right customers.

Establish Unquestionable Trust

Your audience must trust you. Keep the principles of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) at the forefront. Cite all facts and statistics you mention in your content so your audience can verify this information and build trust in you. Encourage organic backlinks from other high-authority content providers to expand your audience and showcase your expertise in the market.

If your audience doesn’t trust what you say, they won’t engage with your content. This is yet another reason to occasionally step back from promotional content and focus on delivering content of genuine value to your audience.

Invest In Your Content

Excellence in content creation is not simply about producing a large volume of content. It’s about creating high-quality, valuable, and helpful content that resonates with your audience. It’s about understanding the challenges your audience faces and offering them effective solutions. It’s about engaging with them on an emotional level and building a relationship of trust and reliability.

At Design Point Digital, we are committed to helping you craft a content strategy that truly serves your audience. We believe in the power of good content to build brand loyalty, drive customer engagement, and ultimately, increase your bottom line. Let us help you make 2023 the year where your content truly shines and delivers exceptional results for your business, send a message to us today.