The Benefits Of Valuing Website Content

An exceptional website requires exceptional content. Many people going through the web design process focus on visual results. Web designs need to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, but quality website content is essential for achieving sales.

Creating a stunning site is not the end of a web design project. Informative content will bring it to life, and regular updates will help potential customers trust your business. Business Victoria recommends that businesses designing websites in Melbourne create relevant content that engages and meets the needs of their customers.

Great content attracts visitors

Quality content will help your website, before visitors even arrive. Relevant and insightful articles will help your site rank in search engines, so you can attract customers to your business. Quality content is the heart of search engine optimisation, because it is exactly what web users are looking for.

Before content can be included in a search engine, it needs to exist. Search engines like Google do care about a website’s design and functionality, especially on mobile devices. But they care most about content – relevant, reputable and helpful content.

Website content creation is a process

Websites should be designed with content in mind, and it may even be the starting point for a design. Web designers consider what their designs need to communicate, and make decisions that support efficient and effective delivery of key messages.

Unfortunately for many people, website content is the last stage in the design process. Hurriedly written text is stuffed in at the end, or in some cases completely forgotten about. Include content planning in the web design process to ensure content is valued and completed.

Planning also ensures content is of the highest quality, represents your brand, and conveys the exact information potential customers need to know.

Fresh content builds consumer trust

Another mistake businesses often make is creating a website with impressive content, and then never updating it. Both search engines and potential customers trust information that is accurate and up-to-date. This includes contact details, team members, opening hours, and descriptions of the products and services offered.

Content updates can include revisions to your primary pages as required, and also news updates or blogs. Fresh blog articles show consumers that your business is active and ready for business. Web users know that the Internet is filled with stagnant websites for businesses that closed down years ago.

Use fresh content to show potential customers that your business is open, successful and trustworthy. Consistent updates will also support your social media and general marketing plans.

We look at the big picture

We design websites that are sales tools. At Design Point, we want your website to look amazing, but we also want it to earn you sales and increase your revenue. We can create a design that puts website content first, is search engine ready, and has a plan for regular updates.

Talk to our website design and SEO specialists in Melbourne, and learn how to communicate convincingly to potential customers.