Tips To Adding Christmas Spirit To Your Social Media

Christmas is here for another year! In case you haven’t prepared your business social media pages with a Christmas marketing theme here are some tips on making your social media merry for the festive holidays!

Tip 1: Decorate Your Profile and Cover Photo

Your cover photo on most social media platforms represent the true values and personalities of your business brand along with your profile image, but if you want to get your target audience into the Christmas spirit you will have to make some form of modifications to represent the holiday season. A good example would be to add a Santa’s hat to the tip of your business logo. It will motivate users to visit your page and check it out for any special offers or gift ideas for Christmas.

Tip 2: Share the Christmas Joy

Give your Social Media a festive look and have people not only be excited for the Christmas season but also about your brand! Engage with your users and ask them some questions through your posts for example what is the best part of Christmas? This will create a network of users collaborating with your social media page and your brand.

Tip 3: Setup a Christmas Offer

Everyone likes a great offer! So why not create a special Christmas offer for your customers? Messages such as: one day only sale, buy one get one free, special discounts or three for two sale are all ways to attract potential buyers.

To bring attention to the message make sure you place text on a background image that is not too distracting for the user and at the same time increase the font to the more important pieces of the offer information such as the discount value, discount item etc.

Tip 4: Wish Everyone a Happy Holiday

One last tip, why not wish your fellow users a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season? Your audience will be logging onto their social media profiles to wish their family and friends happy holidays which is a perfect opportunity to send out a “Merry Christmas” message from your business page. This will engage users to either reply or like your Christmas message. Of course find an image that has some Christmas decorations with a message included.

There are many applications and software programs out there to create some attractive posts such as Content Creator which is an easy application for you to create your holiday post in minutes.

Design Point would like to wish you all a happy festive season!