3 Ways To Ramp Up Your (Visual) Marketing Strategy

Design has always played a crucial role in sales. As you probably know, it’s a common rule that a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to videos, their worth in words is even multiplied.   However, using images and videos in a digital marketing strategy is a tricky thing for many online business owners. As a matter of fact, this approach is called a visual marketing strategy and has its own way of interpreting itself.   In other words, visual marketing and brand awareness is a story on its own. And that is why you should…  

1. Organize your goals

First and foremost, you should identify the following things:  
  • what kind of visual content do you want for your marketing strategy?
  • how do you want visual content to help you?
  • what do you want to achieve by using visual content?
  • do you want to educate, increase engagement, promote your brand, bring more leads – or all of these things?
  As soon as you get the answers to these questions – your visual marketing game will become more vivid.  

2. Think about the statistics

According to some statistics from a survey lead by Adobe and Software Advice, the most important tactics for optimizing content on social media include the use of videos or photos on the first place. It is therefore evident that images and videos are the core of communication and very important to create engaging content.   And that is one more reason to prioritize visual content in your marketing strategy this year.  

3. Give your readers the break they deserve

Your images are the oxygen your readers need. You should let them breathe between reading paragraphs and never use too much of them. For that manner, we recommend using not only photos, but also:  
  • graphs
  • data charts
  • customized banners
  • screenshots
  • memes (yes, they work!)
  • videos
  All of them as pieces to the puzzle called visual marketing.   In the end, it is important that you post high-quality mages only – but also ones that are stock and free to use with a license (either bought by you or found online). Some of the best online free stock photo galleries include the names of Pixabay, Pikwizard and Pexels.   So, have you figured out your start in visual marketing yet?