The Top Digital Trends We Expect In 2017

As we have said goodbye to the 2016 year, it’s time to prepare for 2017 and the set of challenges it brings. It seems like the digital space gets smarter, more intuitive and user-friendly as the years go by.

Search engine optimisation is not anymore a privilege. It is the ultimate arena where brands battle against each other. Below, we are sharing the things we have learned in 2016 – and the ones important for this new year.

1. Google’s Focus Is A Mobile Only World

What used to be mobile-friendly is slowly shifting to mobile-only. Google is prioritizing the mobile device experience over the traditional desktop one. Not only because the number of mobile users is growing as we speak – but also because of the ease of use and change of mindset.

2. Personalized Search

Yes, links will still get you the fair share of authority you need. However, there is a new trend out there called personalized search. Basically, this type of search is all about the user and is completely logical if we consider the presence of mobile and home devices and virtual assistants.

3. Voice Search

‘Hello Siri’ and ‘OK Google’ are among the most spoken words when it comes to search. And why not use them when they give you the information you need through a voice?
You can even multitask or search faster than ever before – and see that voice search is all about making the user comfortable.

4. Local Search

The volume of mobile searches is now just mesmerizing. Proportionally, the relevance of local searches is even higher. Businesses have started to realize this and tailor their optimization efforts to their mobile screens.

5. Video, Images And Visual Marketing

Videos, images and visuals are getting brands the greatest return and value on investment. They are able to engage the audience, inform it and potentially convert it if the message is well planned. That also explains why there are so many online photo and video editing tools out there, don’t you think?

In the end, it is up to businesses to embrace the above mentioned trends and take advantage of them in this current year. The bottom line is that users are the ones who create the digital trends each year – and it is our digital experience that matters.