How To Know If Your Website Is Outdated

5 Signs Your Website Is Outdated

As more and more consumers look to the internet to find answers to questions and to locate organisations to do business with, having a strong web presence is crucial to your business’ operations. Your website is the face of your business and often the first interaction your customers have with your company.

If your website is out of date, it can deter potential customers, as they may question the quality of your services and if your business is even still in operation.

Here are five key signs to watch out for to determine if your website may be due for an update:

Lack of Fresh Content

If the last time your web designer changed anything on your site was over a year ago, then it’s time for an update of fresh content. When customers look at your website or blog, they are looking for fresh up to date content on a regular basis. Without it, your customers may question your business’ commitment to your customers.

If you can’t even commit to regularly posting on your blog, how can your business commit to handling the needs of your customers in a timely fashion? It raises a red flag with consumers.

For a powerful blog, aim for posting once a week, and make sure that all of the information on your website is current and accurate. Include different types of internal and external linking to help improve your keyword rankings.

Non-Responsive Web Design

As technology continues to advance, mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are rapidly gaining traction against traditional desktop and laptop computers when it comes to how consumers browse the internet.

If your UI (User Interface) website design does not display correctly on those devices, then you may be losing customers who browse to a competitor’s website simply because they were unable to view yours on their smartphone or table device.

An experienced UX agency in Melbourne will be able to help your business make the switch to a responsive web design to show your customers that your business is in touch with the modern age.

Having a non mobile-friendly interface is a clear indication of an outdated site. Google had confirmed that more than half of all its searches are coming from mobile devices these days.

If your website is not easy to navigate on smartphones and tablet devices, then this could be leaving out a lot of potential leads and conversions for your business.

Slow Page Load Speed

When users are visiting websites, they expect them to be fast and responsive. If it takes more than 4 seconds for any type of web page to fully load, then you’re more likely going to lose that potential lead or web traffic percentage.

Studies have shown a relation between slow page response times and high bounce rates, so make sure that you improve your site’s loading speed if you haven’t already.

A great way to check for your website speed is using Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool.

Gimmicky Flash Animation

Not only does Flash animation look tacky and dated, but it also denotes a lack of professionalism. The modern trend for websites these days is more towards sleek design that lets the information and a few key images take centre stage. Particularly on mobile devices that are not compatible with Flash, a minimalistic design scheme is much easier to read, enabling your customers to find what they are looking for quickly.

Keep Your Design Less Cluttered

Having a busy and cluttered web design layout doesn’t communicate to the reader a clear and concise message. If you have quality content copy on the website, add in some strong headings to capture the reader’s attention and assist them with navigating through the web page.

A site that is not correctly structured for the human eye doesn’t look professional and clean. Nowadays sites should be kept less cluttered and modern so that users are engaged and find the website easy to navigate through.

Contact a Professional Web Agency like Design Point

When choosing to work with web design agencies in Melbourne, always ask to see examples of websites that he or she have created. This will give you a better idea of the designer’s preferred style to ensure that it meshes with the image you want your business to portray.