3 Key Factors Of A Trustworthy Website

We’ve all been there – scanning a page or two and thinking of buying a product or testing a service out, only to realize that there is something that pulls us away from that buying decision. In 99% of the cases, the force pulling us away has something to do with the technical side of the website and not the products or services themselves.

Unfortunately, websites like these exist a lot nowadays. They can be best labeled as ‘unfinished websites’ or ones with good ideas, but poor evaluation. They fail in converting visitors to customers just because of trust issues.

Did we say trust issues?

Yes. Building trust online is hard – but not impossible. Today, we are listing 3 factors that will help you build a website that your visitors trust while browsing.

1. Design

The design of your website should tell a story. Everything should be perfectly organized, fit and structured. A professional looking website design is similar to the first impression we get in people – it is rarely wrong.
But most of all, your web design should help the users navigate around your website easily and get a sense of your brand in less than a minute.

2. Content

Original and unique content is a thing that always wins your customers. Even more than that, content with great call-to-action is able to convince visitors to become customers. After all, content is the main thing on every website, and you should make it valuable, relevant and original.

Your content also needs to be precise, up-to-date and in the right format on each media type.

3. Testimonials & Social Relationships

A great way to persuade a visitor into becoming a customer is to show successful stories. We all know this example by its labeled term of ‘testimonial’. Testimonials from customers can be a great thing to persuade visitors – but they can also be fake, so watch out what you are doing and always provide full details about the satisfied customer of yours.

Also, social media relationships help a lot in determining how legitimate a website is. From Facebook to Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram, the number of fans and type of content across these platforms speaks enough for your brand.

A Final Word
In the end, a website that converts visitors is one that never loads slowly, never bugs and never sends them the wrong signals. As much as we all know that sometimes, things like these happen – you should make sure they are at their minimum. Looking for a Melbourne web design company to build a new or revamp an existing website? Contact us today.