ecommerce trends to drive sales 2022

5 eCommerce Trends To Drive Sales In 2022

What influences us to buy a certain brand over its competition? How does one company completely outsell another, when both are producing similar products? The answer is by having outstanding marketing and eCommerce strategies in place.

In the past the only way to advertise your product was through tv commercials, on the radio and by sending out catalogues in the mail, limiting the potential audience significantly. That was before the internet took over and allowed consumers to access literally anything from across the globe, at the click of a button.

These days everything is for sale on the internet, and with so much competition online, it’s easy for some businesses to get lost inside the worldwide web no matter how great their product is.

Look Out For Website Trends

There are obviously platforms where you can sell your items with a simple sign up, such as Amazon and eBay but these lack the personalised touch of having an active, trending eCommerce website. If you want to engage your customers with a virtual store that attracts the masses, then you need to establish which web design trends would best suit your needs and can convey the message you want to deliver with your product.

The world of eCommerce websites is looking to take over retail sales in the future, so how can your online store stand out from the rest in the advancing world of online marketing? Here we are going to look into 5 of the most popular and successful eCommerce trends that are skyrocketing small, medium and larger businesses to success.

1. Hire A Reputable SEO Agency

If you are just starting out and want to get your product online, or you already have an active website that needs a little sprucing up, consider hiring an eCommerce web design company specialising in delivering you the highest standards in SEO. If you are looking at SEO services in Melbourne, make sure they have the experience, drive, and knowledge of the latest eCommerce trends that will catapult your business into the future of internet sales and services. A great SEO company will take care of all the hard work to make yours, and your customer’s online experience, an easy and inviting one.

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The key to success in online business is to always be one step ahead of the competition and ahead of customer expectations. The world is constantly evolving and the latest and greatest trend to hit the world of eCommerce is AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). This type of technology allows for customers to interact with the products on your website as though they were live instore. AR allows consumers to virtually test products on their own images, see how a piece of furniture might look in their home, or change the colours of their walls before deciding what to paint. With virtual reality, your customers will be immersed in the world of your online store, fully interacting with products and features on your website. AR and VR are constantly advancing, so if you want to keep up, consider including these in your eCommerce web design.

3. Tell Your Brand’s Story

The way to get more people to want to visit your website is to tell a story that engages them, one that they can identify with and want to follow. Consider what story you have to tell, what your company values represent and what makes your products or services stand above the rest. Find common ground with your audience and grow on that. Independent brands especially need to tell their story to build a connection with their customers and invoke a passion and following for their product.

4. Social Media Boom

We can’t ignore the eruption of social media influencers and their role in driving eCommerce campaigns through the rooftops. Sales through social media are growing fast, with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok being the most visited sites daily around the world. With the right social media campaign, your business can see success through the masses with the aid of the right influencers, an appropriately targeted platform, and attractive advertising. If your eCommerce business isn’t on a social media platform yet, you’re potentially missing out on an audience of millions per day. The right SEO company will have the ability to enhance your social media presence through current trends and quality content, therefore increasing your customer base.

5. Video Livestream Shopping Experience

Rising to the top of most successful eCommerce platforms includes the use of video livestreaming. Engaging customers in interactive videos creates a bond with your audience, and such methods are being used by some of the top companies around the world. Live shopping is a fantastic and growing innovation that is well worth the consideration as part of your eCommerce strategies. Being relatable today is your first step to growing a loyal audience, so make sure your videos deliver the right information to the right people.


If you own an eCommerce company or are thinking of starting one, you have to be up to date with the latest trends blowing up the internet. Successful eCommerce websites go through countless hours of planning to get the best online experience for themselves and their customers. For the best experience and your best chance at online success, enlist the services of an expert web design company who excels in eCommerce strategies and SEO services. Take your business from nothing to ‘top trending’ with these tips for online success.