high-converting landing pages

9 Tips For High-Converting Landing Pages

When it comes to landing pages there are so many factors to consider because it’s a web page where you invite, initiate a conversation, or close a deal with website visitors. It’s a great digital marketing tool, delivering valuable user information. Therefore, you must aim to create a high-converting landing page. We’ve compiled a list of the best landing page tips below.

1. Create Straightforward Landing Page Content

Catch a visitor’s attention immediately when landing on your web page by having engaging content with a clear message and logical structure. One of the best website conversion strategies is to create unique content people can easily relate with.

Here are some tips when creating a landing page copy:

  • Determine the main purpose of the landing page
  • Create easy-to-digest content
  • Customise your blog
  • Include relevant details in a short and concise way possible

2. Make Your Landing Page Appealing

You want to ensure that visitors will be attracted to the visual elements of your landing page and persuade them to click on a call-to-action or CTA. So, how do you make your landing page more appealing to first-time users?
Create the best landing page design to convert more visitors into customers by:

  • Making a clear CTA
  • Include price on the CTA button
  • Adding a touch of personality
  • Uploading a video clip such as employees in action for visual engagement
  • Never stop tweaking and measuring

3. Add Credibility To Your Business

Do you want a landing page to bring new traffic to your website? New visitors may not be familiar with your brand and may question your credibility. You can take this chance to show your credibility by including your brand achievements such as partnerships, awards, and recognition from respected organizations.

4. Add Social Proof

Social proof provides clear evidence that you’re a legitimate business because users recommend your product or service. Some examples include the following:

  • Positive ratings on review websites
  • Praises on social media
  • Post positive testimonials from verified customers

Reinforce Value Proposition Using Keywords
Search engine optimization (SEO) can be one of your website conversion strategies. It involves using relevant keywords and links to rank in search engines and become more visible in search results. Therefore, you can use keywords relevant to your brand in your landing page.
Ensure Fast Page Load Time

As you do, online users don’t want to keep waiting for a web page to load forever. As much as possible, minimise page load times at two to three seconds. A great way to boost load time is to cut the large images and focus on delivering the right message.

5. Facilitate Good User Experience

Remember that once a visitor reaches your landing page, the conversion funnel starts. Don’t introduce navigational tools in your landing page because you’re just giving visitors a chance to step back to the previous conversion step.

Include all relevant information and elements inside the landing page keeping it short and sweet. Explain the product or service features and benefits. Include social proof and add a clear CTA. Of course, leave sections easy-to-understand and highly marked to facilitate the user experience. Place call-to-actions in strategic positions, giving visitors opportunities to convert on the page.

6. Test Your Landing Page

Testing your best landing page design is crucial to come up with something that’s uniquely yours. If you want to attain a high-converting landing page, make sure to test it using A/B testing or split testing. Create two versions of a landing page and see which drives the higher traffic and conversions. Analytics tools and other apps are available to help you monitor results and make some changes in your landing page.

7. Don’t Miss On Security

Because of the increasing rates of cybercrime, online users are keen in checking the safety features of a website before engaging further. That’s why you shouldn’t miss enhancing the security of your landing pages. Here are some tips to ensure the security of users landing on your website:

  • Use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS instead of HTTP in your URL
  • Use security plug-ins
  • Include a privacy policy
  • Include credit card logos to show secure payments
  • Include a satisfaction guarantee badge

In Conclusion

You’ve just learned about the best landing page tips you can apply to your website. Always keep in mind that visitors look for a straightforward, relevant, and appealing web page that can answer their questions fast and easy.

When creating a landing page, you can convert your traffic into paying customers by understanding what they’re searching for and providing an offer that is clearly valuable.