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The Benefits of Hiring an SEO agency with web design knowledge

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is imperative in today’s world. A company without a strong online presence might as well not exist. Even if you do have an online presence, if it’s not properly optimised, customers won’t find it. That’s why it’s so important to hire an SEO agency that knows exactly what will work for your business.

Implementing proper SEO techniques is the first step for bringing customers to your website. But what will they see once they’re there? If your site doesn’t offer a good first impression, customers won’t stick around. A successful website needs to be functional, visually appealing, and easy to navigate.

An SEO agency with web design knowledge offers the complete package—optimisation, function and aesthetics. Here are five reasons why you should hire an SEO agency with web design knowledge:

1. First impressions are everything

Even if your SEO optimisation is impeccable, customers aren’t going to browse your site if it looks outdated, is poorly designed, or is hard to read. Your website must be easy to navigate and user-friendly. It must function well on both desktop and mobile layouts. Load times are important, too—users will quickly leave a website that loads too slowly (increasing your bounce rate).

Choosing SEO professionals with web design knowledge know exactly how to optimise your website for quick load times, easy readability, and simple navigation. This will lead to increased website traffic, customer retention and sales for your company.

2. Your products and services will be in clear view

Some outdated, poorly optimised websites hide their products and services behind multiple tabs and links. Some websites even have broken links, which creates confusion for customers and makes it difficult for them to find your products. Many customers are time poor and don’t have a lot of time for browsing, so your website needs to be engaging, attractive and easy to use.

Also, customers need to know what you’re selling. Your products and services should be front and centre, but without seeming pushy. Web designers know how to create that balance.

3. Good content matters

Visual content on your website is just as important as your blogs and page text. In fact, it may be more important. On average, a customer will spend only 5.59 seconds viewing your website before deciding if they’ll make a purchase. This is barely enough time to read any of your blogs or text—but plenty of time to absorb your site’s graphical content.

Your visuals need to be clear, appealing, and on-brand. This can be difficult to achieve for someone without a background in graphic design. Engaging with experienced website designers know exactly which graphics to use to maintain visual appeal, clarity and consistency within your website.

4. You’ll save time and money

Hiring an SEO agency that offers the whole package saves you money and time. Hiring two companies to work together on one website can create conflict and confusion. It’ll lead to higher costs and more time spent trying to find the right person to do the job.

Let a digital agency in Melbourne do all the work for you. Many agencies offer discounts for customers who request a full-service package, which includes web design. You’ll work together on all aspects of running your digital presence, which will help you form a better connection with your agency and a better understanding of what works for your business.

As an added bonus, engaging with a specialised web development company can make your site easier for you to manage on the backend, which will help you run your business more effectively and efficiently.

5. Your social media presence will benefit

Social media is an important part of your online presence. Many customers look to Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites to find products and services in your area. Your social media pages should direct traffic to your website, leading to increased conversions and a better customer relationship.

SEO professionals with web design knowledge can help you keep your social media pages on-brand, ensuring all visual content is consistent with your website’s design philosophy. This will help customers make the connection between your website and your social media presence.

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