can you design your own website

Can web design be self taught?

In business, the only way to generate maximum profits and sales is through exposure. Today, your business won’t survive if you aren’t online, offering an engaging web presence to customers. However, there’s an ongoing debate as to which approach is best: creating your own website or engaging the services of a professional web designer. Outlining the pros and cons of each, this blog helps you decide the best approach to setting up your website.

What is a website builder?

In the Internet’s early days, web design was the sole domain of trained professionals. This, unfortunately, meant many business owners (especially startups) couldn’t afford to set up websites. However, with the abundance of “cookie-cutter” web building programs, many people are building their own sites from scratch.

These user-friendly platforms offer convenient “drag and drop” features, allowing you to design your website in a matter of hours. Also, as complex UX and UI issues are handled for you, no coding experience is necessary.

What can a professional web designer offer you?

Conversely, a web designer can provide a complete end-to-end solution. In other words, they can transform your idea into a fully functional website. This will enable you to reach more customers and increase sales and overall profits.

Also, your website will be complete within the timeframe you set with your designer. This means, no matter what happens, your website will launch successfully, and you don’t have to stress over technical glitches. And, rest assured, you will be kept in the loop throughout the whole process.

Website user experience and design

Depending on your existing knowledge, designing your website can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month. However, these website builders can walk you through every step, making the process far less intimidating. And, as mentioned previously, they have “drag and drop” features, so you can simply cut and paste your desired features onto the site.

On the other hand, enlisting a web design agency can bring your vision to life. As professionals in the industry, they can customise a workable content management system such as WordPress, to suit your business goals and objectives . Put simply, if you wish to make updates yourself in future, they’ll ensure you have a user-friendly interface to do so from the backend. And, if you need an expert to manage your content, web developers offer this as an added extra under their web maintenance packages.

Boost your website for search traffic

Regardless of how informative or interesting your website is, consumers probably won’t find it if it doesn’t appear in search engines such as Google search. The most effective way to ensure high ranking is with search engine optimisation (SEO) implemented for your site.

DIY website builders do not offer much in terms of targeted SEO tools. You may find rudimentary SEO tools to help you get started, but on its own, it will not be enough to successfully market your business. Some platforms may allow you to add plugins for an additional fee. Along with this, many startups utilise the on-page optimisation tools these site builders provide.

However, professional web designers and developers understand how SEO can dramatically improve your visibility. They also understand that visibility is crucial to attracting new customers, making sales and generating profits. Consider some top on-page seo factors for your website design and how they can impact your search exposure.

Why choose digital marketing experts? They implement the latest SEO techniques into your website’s overall design. They are up-to-date in changes to search engine algorithms. This ensures your website complies with the most recent searching trends and standards. By hiring an SEO agency for your online marketing will provide you with the optimum strategy to achieve your online search objectives.

Is it expensive to hire a web developer?

On paper, designing a website yourself may seem like the most budget-friendly option. Costs can be significantly lower because you’re doing it all yourself. And, essentially, you’re renting website space from the provider for a monthly fee. So, while you have to purchase a domain name, you do not actually own the website.

With a website builder, you essentially have a starter kit to put up a blueprint of a website, but not much else. You do not have total control over the design and overall look of your site. This limits your capabilities and functionalities of what you want to achieve out of your online presence now and into the future.

Working with a website design company may cost more upfront; however, it is an investment in your brand. Web development companies can offer a fully customised design package. This gives you total control over the image you present to consumers. While you may ultimately pay more, they will help you bring your company’s visions to digital life.

When you factor in the traffic and potential sales a well-designed website will generate, you’ll find the cost is well worth it.

Web support services

Even using the most basic website builders, there’s a steep learning curve. So, it may take a lot of trial and error before mastering the design tools on offer. And, if you run into problems, the customer support services are often limited. Many web building platforms have phone and online chat functions (available for an extra charge). However, many users complain these services take too long to respond to your questions. This can be particularly frustrating when trying to launch your new website.

However, efficient, friendly customer support is all part of the service with a professional web design company. If you are facing problems with your site, you can rely on them to assist you with any issue that may arise. Whether by phone, email or live chat services, they will be there to help 24 hours a day. They understand the design elements of your website inside and out. So, not only will they help you with technical problems – they’ll ensure your business goals are met.

To enlist a professional or do it yourself

In summary, designing your own website may sound attractive because they are cheaper and relatively easy to use. It’s the ideal option if you want a generic web presence for your business that doesn’t stand out.

However, if you want a website that complements your brand and fulfills your online business goals, we recommend hiring a professional web designer. Although it initially costs more, it’s an investment in your company’s future.

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