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How To Make Google Ads Work Harder For Growth

In 2013, eBay boldly stated Google Ads don’t work for them. Coming from a fellow tech giant, it caught the attention of many. This claim was thumbed down. Google Ads work. Unfortunately, marketers forget it is not an instant or magic cure. There’s work to be done in setting up an effective Google Ads campaign. The work doesn’t end when it has been launched. You need to work at it.

Another common myth about Google Ads is it is expensive. When coupled with the perception it doesn’t work, it is easy to see the marketing foolishness in deploying it. While we don’t disagree that it can be costly, it doesn’t always have to be so. There are brands and businesses that have achieved success without breaking the bank with their Google Ads campaign.

It has been reported that Google earns over $100m a day from people who activate PPC ads. That’s massive. More importantly, it is a clear demonstration of its effectiveness. It has to be in your marketing armoury. But you need to wrap a strategy around it. Do not be misled by the ease in which you can set it up into thinking you can get results quickly. All the skills of being an effective entrepreneur are needed to run an effective Google Ads campaign.

In this post, we’ll discuss how Google Ads can work hard for your business. When they do, you can expect growth to kick-in over time.

agile advertising

It’s agile advertising

When your flyers have been printed or radio ads go live, there’s not much you can do to sharpen their effectiveness or rectify a mistake. Its a done deal! At best you may not have to deal with the fallout. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to go into damage control mode.

In today’s fast-moving business world, agility is a central concept in achieving effectiveness. He-who-responds-fast-wins. A Google Ads campaign is the answer to this agility you need in your advertising. They can be customized to suit your needs. Here are some examples of how that can be done.

i. Ad extensions – from images to contact information to links you want visitors to click on, you can add them to your ad.

ii. Zoom in on a specific target audience – you can choose who should discover your ad by location, demographics and even the devices they use.

iii. Use the display network – it helps establish brand awareness.

It is this flexibility that gives Google Ads the edge over other forms of advertising. You can make it work harder.

Manage your ad cost

We had stated earlier that there are brands and businesses that have tasted success without breaking the bank. Part of the reason this is possible is because you can set your ad budget on a daily basis if you’d like to. You can move it south or north depending on the performance of your ads as well as your goals. For example, if you’re looking for quick wins, you might splurge at the start of your campaign. The choice is yours.

It edges out SEO

SEO still works! It has its place in your marketing armoury. But you need patience, closer scrutiny and preparation for the risk of appearing inconsistent at times with your messages as you calibrate it to suit consumer language. With Google Ads, these drawbacks of SEO are avoided.

If time isn’t on your side, Google Ads is your best bet to produce results earlier than SEO. People are constantly googling for anything. With mobile devices increasingly a feature in people’s daily lives, googling will experience exponential growth. It makes a well designed Google Ad easily discovered, hopefully triggering a purchase.

The Googled life

Google is the digital hangout place of almost everyone with access to the internet. Its transition from being a noun to a verb (“google it!”) is evidence of its pervasiveness in our lives. It features early on in the buyer’s journey of most people. Can you afford to ignore it?

Google Ads is a staple of many digital marketers’ plans. With advances in marketing technology, like voice search and chatbots, it will grow more effective and efficient. To make your Google Ads work harder, connect with a marketing agency in Melbourne like us here.

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