Strategies to Skyrocket your Sales

Whether you’re selling products or offering services, having solid sales strategies can definitely increase your chances of pumping up your numbers. That said, we compiled some of the best practices by industry professionals to help you boost your sales.

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Sales Promotion Ideas


1. BOGO (buy one get one)

The buy one get one (or in some cases get two or get three) offer is probably one of the oldest sales promotional tactics used in various industries.

Why does it work?

Let’s just say that we humans are hardwired to get more for less. Having a BOGO offer can help you attract customers to try out your products and services as well as increase your brand’s presence.

This can help new businesses get their items and solutions out there.

Not only does this benefit new companies but also helps those that have been in the industry for decades. Brands that need to unload stock can use BOGO offers to dispose of old items while still making a profit.

The allure of BOGOs is that it makes consumers feel that they’re getting more for less, regardless if you’re trying to get your company on the map or if you’re just letting go of old stocks.


sale discounts

2. Discounts

Discount is one of the sales strategies that have been proven to affect consumer behaviour. Studies have shown that offering your customers coupons or other forms of discounts can make them stop searching for other offers.

This way, many businesses have kept customers from going to their competitors as they always had price reductions and rebates to offer their patrons. As an effect, shoppers have less tendency to go elsewhere and businesses will have an increased chance to make a sale right then and there. Plus, companies can give off the impression that what they have to offer can’t be found elsewhere.

One of the keys to discounts is that they create a sense of urgency to make a purchase. See, discounts are typically offered for a limited time and pretty much like BOGOs, they give the consumers an idea that they are getting more for less.

So, the next time you want to give your sales a boost, you can give discounts a shot.

3. Collaborations

Collaborations, or joint promotions, is also one of the best sales promotion ideas used by many companies. This tactic can help your business create an avenue for a good sales promo even if your company does not have a big budget.

Teaming up with other brands can help you get the funds you need to launch a promotion. Moreover, collaborating with a brand that does not specifically belong to your industry can help you open more doors as it can reach a market your business is not exposed to.

In most cases, the company you will be collaborating with should have the same goal as you have and should complement your brand.

4. Leverage content and social media

One of today’s most used sales promotional ideas is promoting your products and services online. Many of today’s consumers spend at least an hour browsing the web on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. On that note, the chances of you reaching your desired audience are improved when you put it out on the internet.

Many companies are also advertising their brands with social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms have advertising tools that can help companies target specific customers based on various factors.

Content also plays a factor in sales as it has the potential to get your website where it needs to be — at the top of a browser’s search results. Creating SEO-friendly content can help search engines lift your website rank and reach more audiences.

So, make sure to post regular products and services online from time to time.

5. Take care of your customers

With all the aforementioned tips to improve your sales, you would want to maintain the customers you gained. Make sure not to end your relationship once your customer buys a product from you. Send them complimentary emails to update them on your latest discounts to keep them returning.

It’s your turn

Are you ready to skyrocket your sales? You can follow the tips we’ve given to help you boost your business. You can use all of them or just choose those that apply to your venture or one you are comfortable with.

With these creative sales strategies, you can get new customers and more importantly — keep them from coming back.

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