Single Page Websites Good Or Bad For SEO?

The cool-looking single page website designs are everywhere now. They are visually engaging, practical from a user’s point of view and make it easy to check out a website without too much clicks or new tabs.


But are single page websites good for SEO? In other words, will a single page website rank good on Google and the other search engines?


In order to see, we have to examine several factors below.


  • User-friendly – With buttons, arrows and text that is easier to click since it is optimized for your device, it is a true joy to embark into a single-page experience and navigate to every bit of information with the scroll of a mouse or finger. The chance of missing something is minimal, while the chance of seeing it all in a short period is great.


  • Mobile-friendly – Single page designs are definitely better from a mobile perspective. A responsive web design fit screens of all sizes, and convert much easier to mobile. Hence, users find them simple to navigate. On top of that, they load much faster than multi-page websites which is a great bonus to (impatient) users.


  • Responsiveness – Since they are not so heavy on content and images, single page websites are generally more responsive. Therefore, they can provide a higher page authority, which is one of the largest factors that determine how well your website ranks nowadays.


  • Targeting – Single pages make targeting a lot easier. You can create as many as you want for specific audiences, individuals with different interests or needs.



  • Keywords and SEO-friendly – Although they are great in all of the aspects covered above, single page websites have one drawback – they have less content than usual multi-page sites – and with that – less keyword rankings. That is why SEO writing in them is a real art nowadays.


The Key Takeaway

So the key takeaway from all of these factors is….


Single page websites look good – but they are not as good for SEO as multi-page websites only because they have less text. In an era where every keyword matters, text is the only way to rank and outperform your competition.


Still, these single web page designs are great for particular target groups and audiences that need quick and easy information or a landing page specifically designed for them.


Do you currently have a single or multi-page website for your business? How does it impact your SEO rankings? For any assistance or advice contact us and we will be happy to help.