How Content Can Drive Your SEO Rankings

Many factors influence search engine rankings, and content is often recognised as being the most important. Quality content is what Internet users are searching for, and what Google wants to give them.

Content can be used in many ways to drive SEO rankings, and the definition of quality content is always changing. SEO specialists are understanding the increasing need for content that is insightful, useful and original.

SEO content is more than keywords

A few years ago, a term called ‘keyword stuffing’ was common. People would write articles, and then squeeze in lots of keywords relating to their business. The keywords were not naturally placed in the content, and they often disturbed the flow of the writing.

There was a time when this actually worked, and SEO specialists recommended it. It was the right thing to do, but is not anymore. Stuffing a page of text with keywords these days will not improve your SEO rankings. Overload your writing with keywords, and Google may consider your websites to be poor quality.


Google is increasingly valuing quality content

Google is getting smarter and is understanding more about how people write, and what people want to read. There is no magical formula to follow. Writers who produce content for search engine rankings, should concentrate on creating what their audience wants to read.

This is wonderful for both content creators and Internet users. Google and other search engines want to please their users. All they want is to promote quality content that is relevant and valuable. They want to give Internet users exactly what they are searching for.

Google is also getting better at understanding search intent. There are many different reasons why somebody would search for something through a search engine. They may be looking for information. They may want to make a purchase then and there, or they may be doing research on a product or service they may purchase later.

Quality content that is respected by search engines, helps users. It helps them find important things, makes them feel smarter, and improve their lives. Does your content achieve this? If not, how could you achieve this?

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Making a commitment to SEO content marketing

Creating content can be challenging. Let’s be honest. Research into Australian content marketers, identified those who are successful make a clear commitment to create high-end content.

Commitment is a very important word. Many people have considered starting a blog, and many people do start. But keeping a blog running with new and exciting topics on a regular basis, is hard work.

There will always seem to be more important work to do. Business owners may be preoccupied with other tasks, or simply waiting for inspiration to come. Writer’s block isn’t very helpful however, if you’re trying to publish fresh SEO content on a regular basis.

Making a firm commitment is necessary for successful content marketing.

The length of your content matters

There was also a time when SEO specialists could turn out 300 word articles, and be successful. While high quality content can still be 300 words, or even less, there is increasing evidence that longer word counts are better for SEO.

In depth articles and blogs usually look deeper into a topic. They have more substance, and there is room to ask questions, debate, provide examples, and propose new ideas.

Longer content is potentially more informative, useful, and groundbreaking. There is also less chance that a thousand other writers have written about the same topic in the same way.

This does not mean the answer to SEO is writing long, drawn out pages, for the sake of increasing the word count. Google does not rank websites because they have lots of words. The focus needs to be quality, not quantity.

Everyone loves a good story

Storytelling is a word that frequently pops up in marketing. Everyone loves a good story that keeps them engaged and emotionally involved. Content that tells a great story, is the future of search engine optimisation.

Writing longer pieces that are focused on storytelling, will help you unleash your passion. People will be interested in reading and sharing your content when you dig deeper into your area of expertise.

Quality content keeps people reading

Great storytelling keeps readers hooked, and if you can achieve this, you have achieved one of the most important factors for SEO.

Google wants to give users exactly what they are looking for, and when they have found it they usually stay on the page for a while.

Website owners can lower their bounce rate by publishing content that is engaging and takes longer to read. This will show Google that your website is both relevant and interesting.

Structure your content with links

The Internet is a bundle of web pages that are all connected with each other. While every website owner wants a quality backlink, linking out to other sites is important too.

Your web pages should also be linking internally to other web pages within your site. Internal and external links are useful for website visitors, they provide structure and meaning to your website, and they help search engines understand what your pages are about.

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How to create quality content to rank your website

Internet marketing and SEO blogger Neil Patel, frequently writes about his 10x formula for creating quality content that is better than everybody else’s.

The concept is simple. Review your competitors and create content that is 10 times better than theirs. Many businesses try to do exactly the same thing as their competitors, with the belief that they are on trend.

But trends come and go. Instead of following the latest gimmicks in SEO and digital marketing, put your energy into standing out from the crowd.

How Design Point can boost your SEO rankings

We know how important content is for every aspect of SEO. We can build you a website to showcase your brand, and create meaningful content that Internet users actually want to search for.

Talk to us today, about using quality content to boost your own SEO rankings.